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Biographical Information
Full Name Joy Lady Pitchiner Black
Alias Good
Other Name(s) Joy, Lady (P)itchiner, Mrs.Black
Age immortal
Birthplace Flanders Field
Home Pitch's Lair
Occupation(s) Pitch's wife

Guardian of Joy

Gender Female
Race spirit
Eye Color gold
Hair Color blonde
Relative(s) Ember (sister)

Pitch (husband) Mother Nature (daughter)

Allies guardians
Minions Edgar
Enemies Man in Moon Harmony
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) happiness, tranquility and peace
Weakness(es) hate fear pain
Equipment harp
Background Information
First Seen Rise of the Guardians; Pitch's memories
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Joy is role-played by Lady Pitchiner.  Joy is the Guardian of Joy. She's also the wife of Pitch Black and mother of Mother Nature


Joy's a beautiful woman, she's a young slender hourglass figure, she wears a w


hite flowing gown (sparkled in gold)  which covers her chest giving an illusion of a strapless top underneath her gown is a pair of clear tights, she has gold eyes (much like her husband) Joy has shoulder length blonde hair.


Joy is joyful and peaceful she happy and energetic sometimes a little too happy when she smiles, (if she gets too hyper) she's a very sweet and kind lady who doesn't wish to see the dark side in others, believing everyone is peaceful in their own way.



Ember (sister) - My sister EEEEEEMMMMBBBEEERRR!!!!! (see what i meant by hyper?)  she's a sweetie once you get to know her :D

Pitch (Husband) -  My spooky husband the nightmare king and boogeyman (laughs nervously)  he may be a monster but I love him no matter what he is<3 

Mother Nature (daughter) - My baby girl her and I didn't exactly have a great past, but the past is gone and the future looks bright for both of us:)


I'm able to fly and make people happy when I'm around them! :D


  • In the Greek Mythology, I'm Aphrodite
  • I can play a harp does that count as a weapon?
  • Yes, I'm the Boogeyman's wife <3
  • Coming soon!
Joy 2
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