Also known as Underworld or Hell is owned by the demonic Krampus.

Krampus's cave (1)

About the lair Edit

The Lair is nothing else than a cave and leads directly to Krampus. It is dark, in it there are some nasty stalagmites and stalactites that people could hurt on, if they don't have any lights. They can also trip over, because the ground is surrownded by rocks. The path to the destination is very long, but in the end, there is a large rock sculpture and it is seen, as a castle or a kingdom, and on both sides of the entrance are two large and tall wooden roods that have burning flame on top.

It is easy coming in then out of it. The path will lead back to a half of the road, but then the person must have a great memories from which hole he came from, because he will see three ways. Two holes have different ways - one can lead the person back from where he started, the other one is a dead end.

History Edit

When Krampus was born by the devil that night, he went deeper inside the woods to take cover and not to be seen by others. The hairy monster looked around for a place, and could not be seen by any human eye. He then found a cave that was greatly hiden and place himself inside. Before he mastered all of his technics, Krampus covered the cave with thick moss and it was seen as a part of the grassy hill. But when the demon finally learned the tricks, he left the moss hanging down.

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