Kuman Tong
Biographical Information
Full Name Kuman Tong
Alias Nirvana
Other Name(s)
Age 600
Birthplace Thailand
Home Thailand Shrine
Occupation(s) Guardian of Safety
Morality Good
Gender Male
Race Deity
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Unknown
Relative(s) Pinocchio (Close Friend)
Affiliation(s) Guardian Alliance
Allies Guardian Alliance
Enemies Pitch

Max Black

Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Charm Magic

Holy Scripture

Equipment Tallisman

Holy Sutra

Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Kuman Tong is a Guardian of Safety. He is a Thailand child deities worship by a lots of citizen. He protects children of Thailand. Member of the Guardian Alliance. Friend with Pinocchio. He lives in a Thailand Shrine.


Kuman Tong appears to be a children cover with a red robe. He is seen the cover by Holy Sutra all the time. He never shows his true self to anyone. He always levitates on the air and his leg has not touch the ground for 500 years already.


Kuman Tong is a a unborn child who was dead during child birth. They bring his corpse into the Thailand Shrine and worship and pray. Their belief and actions have turn him into a Deity. Even since, he dedicated his life to protect children from monsters.


Kuman Tong protects the children who have his blessed tallisman. Parents went to the shrine to pray and purchase blessing tallisman. He join the Guardian Alliance when he meet Chang Er at Siam. They team up to battle Mongolia Death worm at Mongolia.

Kuman Tong travel around the world once before he became a Guardian. He meet MIM on his journey in seach of who he is. He also meet Pinocchio during his journey. Kuman Tong save him during the attack from Pitch.

Kuman Tong meet Jack for the first time at his way to meet Chuck. He gave good luck charm to him which help him overcome the task of loop ball. Jack meet him again during his training with him, Pitch turn his blessing charm into a curse object. Every child who own the charm lose belief in him.

Kuman is seen present in the meeting of the Guardian Alliance. He is also seen fighting Max Black together with Guardians.

Powers and Abilities

As a Thailand Deity, he is very powerful. Despite his young age compare to other Guardians, but he has many battle experiences from travelling the world.


Charm Magic - He draws the seal on his tallisman charm and distribute it to children and protect them. He also uses the charm tallisman as a tallisman bomb.

Holy Sutra He owns a powerful artifact. He uses the sutra to battle evil. He uses it to entrap evil.

Levitation He use this ability without himself realizing it. He is seem flying all the time.


Guardian Alliance

He is one of the loyal members of the Alliance.


Jack is grateful of his tallisman. It helped him a lot during his hard time.


He and Pinocchio are old friends. They always communicate through tallisman.


  • Sawadeka.
  • Take this charm, bless you.
  • Nommmmm.

Creation Concept

Guardian Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


The Picture come from [1]

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