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La Djinn
Biographical Information
Full Name
Other Name(s)
Age Ancient
Birthplace Islam
Home Desert Kingdom, Floating Island
Occupation(s) Guardian of Wishes
Morality Good
Gender Male
Race Djinn
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Black
Affiliation(s) The Guardians
Allies Guardians, Louis
Minions Tik-Tok, Screw-On Head
Enemies Pitch, James
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Magic
Equipment Kung Fu, Weapon Specialist
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

About him Edit

La Djinn is a genie with magical powers, that would wish anyone something that it is their mind. He is in his mid 30's, has Green skin, a well build body, a black ponytail and is bald on the head, a small black beard. His body is covered in gold and possess many things.

Background Edit

La Djinn's home was in Islam, where he lived inside a golden ring. As previous masters have died, the ring was then worn by Aladdin when Jafar give it to him. After time went by, Aladdin also died and the ring, containing the powerful La Djinn, was hiden. La Djinn would come out of the ring when a small boy found it and put the ring on his finger. La Djinn came out of his ring and was shocked when he saw that a small boy had his ring. He asked him, what wishes does he wants, but the boy only shugs, saying, that he doesn't need any wishes as he got everything his heart desires. But for La Djinn, the answer was not enough. He wanted that his new master makes a wish. So thinking hardly, the boy came up on a idea. He wished, that La Djinn would roam free on the world. It was unbelivable to Djinn, but a wish is a wish. So in that instant moment, he wasn't bind with his ring again, he was free. The boy gave the shiny ring to him, so he would have something to remind himself. Djinn thank him and went on his own adventures.

On the way, he helped the villagers by defeating the villains and taking their items, as a suvenier. Soon, as he was on the bay, he could hear that pirates have took some of the treasures of the people. So he went after them. Defeating them all, he notices another group of pirates, but on opposite - they were good. So he decides to join them in the epic path.

One day he saw a group of Guardians fighting the evil. He went to help them and with his powers, the evil-duers went running away. The Guardians thank him and recruited him with them, as he had no place to go.

He was sometimes even haunted down by James, as he wanted him to fulfill his wishes, but with the help of the Guardians, he and his henchmen scater away.

After some years later, in England to be precise, he meets Tik-Tok of OZ and Screw-On Head and they were all good friends.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Unlimited magic - He can control his magic wishes and summons them anytime.

Kung Fu - He knows Kung Fu very well.

Weapon Specialist - He knows and wields any weapon of his choise well.

Relationships Edit

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