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Lady Chang
Biographical Information
Full Name Chang Er
Other Name(s) The Lady in the Moon
Age 1000 (physically 28)
Birthplace China Palace
Home Moon Village
Occupation(s) Guardian of Miracle
Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Immortal
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Relative(s) MIM (Friend)
Affiliation(s) The Guardians
Allies Guardians
Minions Moon Bunny
Enemies Pitch Black

Max Black Pestilence

Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Healing

Swordmanship Markmanship Flight

Weakness(es) Sickness
Equipment Sword and Bow
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Lady Chang is the Guardian of Miracle. Her full name is Chang Er. She is a legendary holiday figure of mid autumn festival. Member and founder of the Guardian Alliance. She lives in Moon Village and protects children of Korea. She is also an old acquaintance of MIM.

Appearance Edit

Lady Chang is an asian woman. She appears to be in her thirty. However she is much much older than that. She always seems wearing kimono or in other asian outfits. She speak fluet english and chinese. She is always seen tie her hair in a bun or with asian style.

Background Edit

Lady Chang is the wife of Houyi, the slayer of the nine suns. In order to protect the immortal pill from bandits which later reveal to be Pitch. She swallow it and become immortal. Pitch killed her son and upon escape, she flew to the moon. In the moon, she became friends with MIM and start to learn private lessons from MIM about the Guardians. Eventually, she bid farewell with MIM and went to live in the Moon Village in Korea. She dedicated her life to protect the children and become the Guardian of Miracles.

Story Edit

Lady Chang Er make elixir to cure children from deadly illness. When times pass, she became Guardian of Miracle. She make elixir of life with moon bunny the whole year. She will deliver the elixir in the form of mooncake during the mid autumn festival.

During the Dark Ages, when Pitch wages war against MIM and the Big Four, she recruit all potential spirits and form the Guardian Alliance. She leads the Alliance and aid MIM into victory.

During Jack's training Arc, Jack save her village from the attack by the Oni. The three Oni's attack the Moon Village to rob the elixir of life. Lady Chang Er hold them off till Jack came to the rescue.

She was seen again during the meeting of the Guardian Alliance when Max Black declare war. She remain calm and comment that even the Alliance has fallen, there will be someone to stop Max.

At some point of the timeline, She is rescue by a human Army when she is being chase by Max`s underling. He befriend with the army and later the army revealed to be UNSC Navy.

She is seen last leading the remaining members of the Alliance to re-organize the whole team after the true demon Max Black was defeated.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a Guardian of Miracle, she is known to perform act which is seems impossible. Being the founder of Guardian Alliance, she is very strong as she survived the sudden assault at the meeting.

Medicine Knowledge -  She has vast knowledge about medicine. She is able to turn a normal grass to counter poison of a viper.

Markmanship  - As the wife of Houyi, she learns some firm basic of using bow. She is shown able to shot an Oni in escape of 100 miles away.

Healing Magic - As a Guardian of Miracle, she hold this unqiue ability of cure diseases or stopping pain. She use this ability as one of the ingridient of her moon cake elixir.

Moon Synchronize - She has full power under the full moon.

Swordmanship - Despite a china princess, she shows skills in swords and able to perform unbelievable sword techniques under the full moon. She is shown to beat Max in a sword fight.

Flight - She always flies around with her white robe. She flies all the way to the moon and successful escape the same fate as her child.

Relationships Edit


Chang er holding an bow

Jack Frost Edit

She is very grateful toward Jack Frost for saving her village..

Oni Edit

She did not get along with the Oni clan as they wish to steal her elixir constantly.

Pitch Edit

As all the Guardians, Pitch is an enemy to her. She is seen to hold no grudge despite Pitch killed her child.

Max Black Edit

Max destroyed the Guardian Alliance which automatic makes him her enemy.

MIM Edit

They are old acquaintances. She aid MIM defeat Pitch once. They always keep in touch with each other to keep Pitch in check.

Members of Guardian Alliance Edit

All members respect her as she is the founder of it.


When Change Er wages war against pitch

Quotes Edit

  • You will feel better soon.
  • Here I am, the embodiment of the moon.
  • All children deserve a second chance.
  • Greetings young Guardian.

Creation Concept Edit

Guardian Created by Jona.

Trivia Edit

The photo come from [1]

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