Lady Yemenja
Biographical Information
Full Name Lady Yemenja
Other Name(s) Lady of the Lake
Age Unknown (but seems 26)
Birthplace Sea
Home Clear Sky Lake
Occupation(s) Guardian of Cleanliness
Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Water Nymph
Eye Color Orange
Hair Color Orange
Affiliation(s) Guardian Alliance
Minions Spirit Fish
Enemies Legend Hunter

Max Black

Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Healing

Water Manipulation Bubble Magic

Weakness(es) Dirty thing
Equipment Axe
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Lady Yemenja is the Guardian of Cleanliness. She govern and protect the children of Brazil. She is a member of the Guardian Alliance. She is the legendary figure of Authurian Legend, the Lady of the Lake or some people refer as the Lake Goddess from the Honest Woodman. She lives in the clear sky lake.


Lady Yemenja is a woman appearing in her 26 years. She always dresses in white when she come out of the water. When she is under the water, she can transform into a orange mermaid with dragon fish tail.


Lady Yemenja is a water nymph born from the breath of hope of every drowning child in the sea. She was born out of a bubble with the power separate from the real goddess. In the sea she meet children during a shipwreck at the sea. She save the children and saw by the sailors. They worship her and send flower basket to her. Since then, she became a Guardian.


When she became more and more known to people, Legend Hunter start to look for her. She flee from the sea and hide in the lake. Ever since, she lived in the lake.

At some point of the timeline, she help the woodman and with the help of the young pendragon to keep his holy sword. The lake was shining till today because of the radiance from the sword.

She is briefly mention by North by he undergoes training. He had a hard time fighting Yemenja.

She meet Jack during his training. Her lesson to Jack is the strength as a Guardian. Jack need to defeated her in a fight. As all Guardian do, they at least need to have some basic fighting skills. Despite the battle between water and ice, Jack had a hard time winning.

She is shown again during the meeting of the Guardian Alliance. She comment that her water got polluted when Slenderman was born. She attend the meeting through the Bubble Communication Spell.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a high ranking water nymph, she is very powerful. Her role in every Guardian training is to ensure them to have fighting ability to wear off evil.

Water Manipulation -  She can conjure big waves at will. She use this ability to save the children at the beach, prevent them from swapping away by the wave. She is also shown to conjure water blast to counter Jack's ice attack. Her control over water is detail till she can turn the ice back into the water.

Bubble Magic - She uses this spell to attend the Guardian meeting. She also uses this magic to ensure children clean their body properly during their bath.

Combat Skill - She is shown very skillful with a axe. She appears to be able to use three axes at once. It was taught by the woodman. She is also able to use the holy sword Excalibur power briefly. She combines it and form the holy water attack on Max.

Healing Ability - She heals very fast under the water.


When She under Water


Max BlackEdit

Max Black almost killed her as she was the second person he hunt with the 7 monster.

Jack Frost Edit

She is a powerful mentor to Jack. Jack learn the Ice Javelin Technique from her. He copied it out of her Water Drill.


North is an official Guardian now, but he still shows a lot of respect to her.

Pendragon Edit

She protects his sword until the young lord comes back to claim the sword, but he never did.


  • I am gonna clean all the trash out of my way.
  • Are you ready?
  • Unclean one.

Creation ConceptEdit

Guardian Create by Jona. Original photo goes to its rightful owner. Please do comment.


The photo come from [1]

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