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Laila Phelolia
Biographical Information
Full Name Laila Phelolia
Other Name(s) Heart Merchant
Age 600 (physically 16)
Birthplace Heart Disease Unknown Hospital
Home Tree of Pink Secret
Occupation(s) Guardian of Unreturn Love
Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Cupid
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Red
Relative(s) Valentina Love (Ex Boss)
Affiliation(s) The Guardians Alliance
Allies Guardians
Minions Love Dove
Enemies Pitch

Max Black

Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Love Manipulation

Heart Bomb

Weakness(es) Broken Heart
Equipment Heart Bomb
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Laila is a Guardian of Unreturn Love. She is a part of the cupid race. She used to work at the Love Palace as a 'infamous nobody cupid henchman'. She is a member of the Guardian alliance. Her workplace is at the Tree of Pink Secret.


Laila appears to be a normal teenage girl. She always seem wearing red and is mistaken by people to be as Red Riding Hood. She carries a basket full of hearts and always puts on a grateful smile.


Laila is a poor sick girl with heart conditions, she only had a month to live. In the month, she run across a mysterious entity called Heartsmith. Heartsmith is said to repair any broken heart, he tries his best to repair it but fail. At last, Heartsmith gives his heart to Laila. Laila then become an immortal and meet Valentina who took her in to the Love Palace as a cupid.


Long ago, Laila was once a cupid henchman and a nobody working at the Love Palace. During her time at the place, she was assign to the duty of collecting and repairing broken hearts. Times passed and she collect and repair many hearts. She began to start selling them to children who cannot no longer love. Eventually, they come to know her as 'Love Merchant' and nominate her as new Guardian.

At some point of the timeline, Laila meet Jack and taught him the way of the business. She show him how she sell hearts to the ones who are loveless and make them feel love again. Jack eventually learn how to sell ice cream to children and make them happy.

When Laila come across Max Black, Max stole all the hearts at the Tree of Pink Secret and install it into his fear and bringing them to life. This has lead to a small scale war against Guardians who eventually won.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

As a Guardian of Unreturn love, she has the base power of a cupid. However upon gaining fame as a Heart Merchant, she is slightly powerful and resourceful than a normal cupid.

Heart Bomb -  She can convert the broken heart into a bomb to strike the monsters.

Love Manipulation  - As a cupid, she is surprisedly weak in controlling this power. She can't make people fall in love, however, she can take away pain of broken hearts.

Contract Magic - As a Heart Merchant, she has this unique ability of forming a contract with children. She can sell the hearts to them and making them feel love again in exchange of the name of their love admirer. Upon gaining the name, she sells it to other cupids for more love.

Sensing - She can feel people's pain. She can sense broken hearts in 100 Miles.

Repair Magic - As gaining the heart of the Heartsmith, she has the unique ability to heal a broken heart.


Jack FrostEdit

She acts sort of a mentor for Jack. She act his big sister, but she is a lot younger than him.

Valentina LoveEdit

She is very grateful for her ex-boss to take her in when she most needed it. However, she is now a business partner with her as she sells name of secret admirer to love palace.


As all the Guardians, Pitch is an enemy to her.

Max Black Edit

Max trick Laila into leaving her home, he then use this chance to steal all the hearts. With all the heart monsters around looking for a ex owner of the heart, he basically ruin her reputation in business.


  • Would you like to buy a heart?
  • I feel your pain.
  • There is no suitable heart for myself.
  • You're a heartless monster.

Creation ConceptEdit

Guardian Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer.


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