Biographical Information
Full Name Laufey.S
Alias Trickster
Other Name(s) Puss in Boots
Age Age 10 (in his current cat body)
Morality Neutral
Gender Male
Race Cat
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Purple
Enemies Heaven
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Fencer


Weakness(es) Cat life span
Equipment Fencing sword
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Laufey is a genius cat who can stand and walk. He has a complicated relationship with Heaven. Guest of Roger Simkin. Nickname is Puss in Boots.


Laufey appear to be an adult cat who wears a hat and carries a fencing sword. He always walk in boots, smiling and always hiding his true intention. He likes to trick people and manipulate schemes. He wears a unique earings to collect emotions.


Laufey S. has a complicated history. He was once a very powerful and dangerous being. He has done something terrible and lock up in a cell with a Viper Venom dropping down on him. They even made extra measure to took out his soul and put it in a cat body. Now Laufey is on a journey in a cat body, trying to get his original body back.


Laufey in his cat form search for his way to return to his body. Eventually, he meet Roger Simkin who told him he could fix this problem by helping children. Only children can lead him to return to his original self. Laufey has no choice but to protect children even he doesn't like it. Then he ask for a boot from Roger and set out on a journey

He turned a miller's son into a young prince and gave him everything: a castle, princess and richness to the young prince. The prince told him that he needs four centers to release him from the curse: Love, Overjoy, Kind and Imagination. With enough power from this four, he will break free and return to his original body.

Laufey always appears in places where one of the four centers gather. Church where weddings happen, he will appear. He also appear in a circus, where laughter happens. Hospital where kindness is. Art gallery where creativity runs wild.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Once as someone dangerous, he appear to be powerful enough and they have to separate his soul from his body and put it in a body of a cat.

Wisdom -  He appear to be very wise and always trick people to achieve what he wants. Despite being a tiny cat, he can win against people who are triple size.

Fencer skill- He appear to be able to wield a fencer sword professionally.

Earring of Giant Heart- The earring allow him to collect emotions.



Roger SimkinEdit

Roger appears to know who he is, but still provides his assistance and advice.

Kim ShinEdit

They able to cross swords before, but he is quickly overwhein. Laufey claim that if he is in his prime state, he can do the same thing as well.


  • Love, Overjoy, Kindness, Imagination.
  • What??! Never see a talking cat before?
  • One day, I will get back to you.

Creation ConceptEdit


Character Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


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