If I cared about others, I wouldn't have been who I am, would I?


Biographical Information
Full Name Lavernia
Other Name(s)
Age 200 (physically 23)
Birthplace Europe
Home Dark Lair
Occupation(s) Witch
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Relative(s) Daeva (Aunt)
Bellatrix and Mercy (cousins)
Enemies Everyone
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Hypnosis
Weakness(es) True love
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Lavernia is a Witch role played by Winter Fairy. She is the niece of Daeva and the cousin of Mercy and Bellatrix.

History Edit

Lavernia's parents were murdered when she was just a child. Her mother was Daeva's elder sister. Daeva took her in to live with her and her two daughters, Bellatrix and Mercy. As they grew up, Lavernia got used to seeing Daeva use magic and was deeply fascinated. She started practicing black magic, much to her joy. As she grew older, she got more and more powerful and darker. She also started to learn how to use hypnosis to make people do her bidding. Her resentment towards Mercy grew stronger, since unlike Bellatrix and Daeva, she refused to harm others.

Lavernia and Bellatrix formed a thick friendship, since they had things in common. They both made plans on how to kidnap children, with Lavernia usually making them and Bellatrix carrying them out.

Relationships Edit


  • Lavernia's cousin. She and Bellatrix are very good friends, since they both have things in common. They both have resentment towards Mercy and take pleasure in harming others.


  • Bellatrix's sister and Lavernia's other cousin. Unlike Bellatrix, Lavernia despises her, because of her refusal to harm others, especially children. She was in full support of Mercy leaving.


  • Lavernia's aunt. Lavernia is very loyal towards her and grateful for taking her in. She always does whatever her aunt wants her to do.


  • Daeva's partner. Lavernia pleases him just to please her aunt.

Trivia Edit

  • Lavernia is allergic to chocolate.
  • Lavernia had a crush on Sirius Celeste and hates his love, Lupita.
  • Lavernia usually is the one that makes up plans for schemes.
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