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Dragon Sprit of Aisa
Biographical Information
Full Name
Other Name(s) Lee, Great Dragon of Asia
Age (Technically) 400 (Phyiscally) 17
Birthplace The Heavenly Realms of Asia
Morality Netural
Gender Male
Race Imperial Human
Eye Color (Changes depending on the mood)Mostly Green
Hair Color Black
Relative(s) The Emperor of the Heavenly Realms of Asia (adopted Father)

Mother(deceased) Father(deceased)

Affiliation(s) The Shadow army of the south, the light empire of the north, Good guardians, Evil guardians
Allies The Good Guardians, Some Evil Sprits
Enemies Most evil, but not all
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Ling can make anything out of his Good Light energy it shines green like Jade Windragon.
Equipment One samurai sword and a dagger
Background Information
First Seen On this wiki
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

 Ling is Role played By: Nikki Van Davis.

So?.. I Don't care if it's "Impossible". Anything can be done, if you have a dream in your heart.

—Ling to Jade

Ling Goldragon's HistoryEdit

Ling has always lived in the Heavenly realms of Asia. His parents were Killed. So the Emperor of the Heavenly realms of Asia took him in and raised him as his own son. Ling is a imperial Human like all the residents there so he is technically 400, but physically 17. He has lead an army twice into battle winning both wars, but still has a lot to learn. 

About LingEdit


At first meeting you wouldn't like him, but as you get to know Ling he can be quite nice. Sometimes, he is sad cause of the memory of his dead parents, he vowed to find who did it and kill them. Ling also has interest in Jade Windragon they have a LOT in common. Sometimes Ling's Morality is Neutral.


His light powers are similar to Jade's, he can make anything out of his power. He has good light energy, that shines green like Jade.


The Good Guardians: Allied with them all.

Jade Windragon: Ling is in love with Jade.

The Evil Guardians: Is an Enemy with Only Maring 

Emperor of the Heavenly realms of Asia: Adopted Father


"-______- you did it now..." 

smiles at Jade* "See that Green star up there in the sky? That's our star." 

"Phoenix.. really?.."

"Maring!!! YOU RAT!!!" 

"Yes, Father" *to the Emperor of the Heavenly Realms of Asia

"Sooo... " 


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