Biographical Information
Full Name Llednar Twem
Other Name(s) Guardian of Children who never born
Age 500
Home White Cementry
Occupation(s) Guardian of Pureness
Morality Evil Good
Gender Gril
Race Spirit
Eye Color Dark
Hair Color Dark
Minions Miscarriage soul
Enemies Adult
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Ghost

Balloon bomb Telekinesis

Weakness(es) Light
Equipment Claws
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Llednar is the Guardian of Pureness. She is a ghost spirit who has lived for 500 years. She travels around the world to collect pureness of the spirit. Friend of Baby New Year.

Appearance Edit

Llednar is a little girl around the ages of 5 but in truth she is 500 years old. She wears a long flowery skirt. Her hairstyle is short and plain as it goes way back to the 80`s. She is always seen carring a bouquet of balloons with her.

Background Edit

Llednar is a lone child in her family. She wishes for a sister to play with. Her mother pregnancy news come but tragedy happen as well., her mother lost the unborn child in family abuse. The abused father accidentally kill both of the children in that tragic night.

Story Edit

After Llednar death, she stay Earthbound and travels for many years alone. In her journey, she came across a lot of abortion or miscarriage. She never had a chance to become the big sister she always wanted to be. She started collecting pure souls with her. The children who never get to be born. She turn them into balloons and carry around with that she never get lonely again. After a while, she gain herself a name as the Guardian of children who never get to be born.

Guardian Alliance notice her at some point of the timeline. They sent Catrina to console all them to be reborn. All her ghost friends decline and eventually follow her. No children in this world believe in her but children who were never born did. They all hate adults cause they never get born.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a 500 years old human spirit, Llednar possess average spiritual power despite the look of 5 years old.

Balloon Bomb She will never use this ability if it is not necessary. The pure soul will turn into a nuclear bomb and requires sacrifice of a soul.

Telekenesis She is show to move thing around with her mind.


Ghost Power - As a ghost, she can phase through wall, float and invisible to the naked eye.

Relationships Edit


Baby New Year Edit

Llednar meet Baby in some point of the timeline. She tryed to persuade Baby to come with her, but Baby choose the road of the Guardian.

Quotes Edit

  • Never going to be lonely.
  • There are many friends waiting for you.
  • I have no business with you.

Creation Concept Edit

Guardian is created by Jona. All copyrights goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.

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