Biographical Information
Full Name Lollipop Gum
Other Name(s)
Age Physically 20 (Actual 789)
Birthplace France
Home Chocolate House
Occupation(s) Guardian of Equality
Morality Good
Gender Male
Race Spirit
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Pink
Affiliation(s) Guardian Alliance
Enemies Pitch

Max (It's complicated)

Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Genderbend

Sweet Magic Sweet Scent Manipulation

Weakness(es) Bullying


Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Lollipop is the Guardian of Equality. He is a gentle spirit who watch over unique children out of closets. He always seem marching with unique children in the rainbow parade. He lives in a Chocolate House. Member of the Guardian Alliance.


Lollipop is a teenage boy in his early 20. He has pink hair, pink eyes and a stunning smile. He always seems wearing format pink uniform and wears a crown. His sweet and warm appearance has earn him the nickname of Prince Lollipop. He sometimes genberbend his appearance to suit other needs.


Once upon a time in France, there was a young boy who got bullied due to being unique. He got harrass constantly all the time. The boy commit suicide on his birthday due to shame. Mother Hulla was watching beside trying to stop the poor child but fail. His spirit re-incarnate to a pinata horse at the party. And Lollipop is born from the pinata horse.


Lollipop is a care free spirit. He seeks out someone like him. After he was reborn, he lost his memory but all he could remember is find his soul mate. He travel around and find out that there were so many people like him. He decided to protect the children with the power he got and stop any tragedy to happen again.

At some point of the timeline, he found so many spirits accept his unique and join as member of the Guardian Alliance.

He fall for Max Black, the first one to saw him. When Max conjure his fearlings out from the closet, Lollipop turn his headless horse into a candy unicorn. Max tried to fight him. He kiss him and smile back. Max Black freak out and run away as fast as possible.

Lollipop make his second apperance when Jack visited him in his Chocolate House. Lollipop`s lesson tought Jack how to be more sensitive against children. He taught him not every topic can be make a joke out of it.

During Max Black declaration against the Guardian Alliance, he tried to convince Max they are not that different. Max close in and slash him with his sword. Lollipop was injured badly.

He is shown together with other Guardians fighting Max Black when he became a true demon. When Max was defeated, he cried and bid Max Goodbye.


Max and Lollipop first Met

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a member of Guardian Alliance, he is not very powerful as a Guardian. However he has highest popularity among all the Guardians.

Sweet Magic -  He is seen to be able to change the fear into candy creatures. He is shown again to use Chocolate Shield to defend against Pitch's Sand. His strongest ability is Bubble Gum. The bigger he blew, the stronger the attack is.

Genderbend - He can change his gender according to his will. When Max Black comment that he is not into him, he changed into girl appearance for him.  

Scent Manipulation - His sweet scent can attract and confuse enemies. He is also able to convey this ability all into his lip. His kiss can purify any evil being.

Close Combat - He is not very strong in fighting. However he is show to be able to wield the candy stick as a weapon and temporarily hold Max off.

Lollipop try to stop Max



He thinks Pitch is a bad influence on Max. Pitch thinks the same way of him.

Guardian AllianceEdit

They support his unique and all of them really like him. Especially Mother Hulla as she blame herself not being able save him.

Max Black Edit

He likes Max very much. He understands Max has no interest in him. However he wishes to be for the rest of his life.Max Black doesn't hate him. Sometimes when Pitch scold him, he will go to find Lollipop for a talk.

Jack Frost Edit

He treats Jack like his own little brother. He loves to play tricks on him. He is the only person who could play tricks on him.


  • Embrace the pride.
  • Your cute.
  • People like us.

Creation ConceptEdit

Guardian Create by Jona. Original Idea and photo goes to its rightful owner. Please do comment.


The photo come from [1]


Prince gumball x male reader pt 1 by k chann-d9rroe5
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