This Palace has the owner: Valentina Love.

Love palace

About the PalaceEdit

The Love Palace is in a form of a castle, that is all in pink, but it isn't built on the ground, but on the air-clouds. But because of the airplanes and rockets, the place is invisible through a magic technique, that only Valentina and her brother knows it. Inside the Palace, everything is big, clean and has plenty of room. It has a belvedere, that anyone can see the stars very closely and almost touch them and they can see small places and many nightlights.

Outside the Palace, when it's invisible, it has somewhere a button, that only Val and Cupid know, and from the clouds came a golden round machine - some sort of gates - and the person has to say the password correctly as it matches with the voice of the right person. As it is done, the person can enter the castle, that is unseen.


It has several rooms, but the most knowing rooms are:
  • The master bedrooms (Val's and Cupid's)
  • Bedrooms for guest
  • Master bathroom (mostly for guests)
  • Computer room + map room
  • Kitchen
  • Stable (for Blacky)
  • Reminder room (For reminding the two, why they were chosen)
  • Love room (Rehabilitate)

Animals and peopleEdit


  • Blacky
  • Silver
  • Val with her brother
There are some animals, that are in the Palace and those are:
  1. Blacky - Val's white horse
  2. Silver - Val's newly cat/lynx


The only people that are in the Palace are:

  1. Valentina
  2. Cupid
  3. Alex (he is a new comer from Val - boyfriend)
  4. Dark sister (rarely comes to the Palace - and if she does, she just comes to have some fun)
  5. Laila (she comes and goes at will)


  • The house was once blown to bits by Dark sister's bomb and almost killed Cupid and Alex, while Valentina and Phoenix were tied up in a normal house and had to watch. Later then, Phoenix unties himself and went to save the two from the wrecking house.
  • The palace was then renewed by Phoenix and made it look the same again, but now with security cameras and alarms.
  • The Palace has also laser guns coming from the walls and shoots at the uninvited guest.
  • Laila was once Val's assistant and lived in the Palace, as now she just comes and goes at will.
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