Biographical Information
Full Name Lucinda
Alias The First Fallen
Other Name(s) 1st Elder
Age Unknown
Birthplace Heaven
Home Cage of Darkness
Occupation(s) Demon King
Morality Chaotic Evil
Gender Male
Race Fallen Angel
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Dark
Allies Chaos Cycle
Minions Fallen Angel


Enemies Guardian Alliance

Universe Office Others Guardian

Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Voice Remote

Possession Other Unreveal

Weakness(es) Universe One
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Lucinda is a fallen archangel. Brother of Mikael. Host of Dark World. 1st Elder of Chaos Cycle. He is currently trapped in a cross with sixty-six nails that have nailed him on the cross. Former member of the Universe Office.


Lucinda looks like a young man in his mid ages of 20's. He is well build and with a lean body. He has black wings on his back of his head. It has horns as well. He is usually topless and cover his lower part of the body with a white cloth. He is giving out good charisma and evil intention at the same time.


Lucinda used to be one of the loyal followers of Universe One. Until one day, Universe One created a human and Lucinda refused to bow down to him. He started an rebellion and in the end was banished to the underworld. He has been nailed to the cross for centuries. Each sixty-six nails symbolize a seal that needs to be broken. Over the century, he gain a lot of followers. He created the Chaos Cycle and brings chaos descend to the world.


Lucinda is a fallen archangel who is still trapped in the cage. Although he is trapped, he has some influences over the mortal world. His followers are currently searching for the hidden seal to break him free.

Baba Yaga break the 1st seal by turning 66 children into a demon, which later rescued by Phoenix Nova.

Second seal was broken by Billy. When Billy send thousands of whales commit suicide by rushing onto the land. It broke the second seal.

Third Seal was broken by Jasper when he opened the Pandora's Box second time. The seal broke and unleashes a demon, where the Big Four stopped in time, but the seal was broken.

Fourth and fifth seal was an unknown seal broken by Baba Yaga. It is never mention clearly what sort of task was it.

Sixth seal was broken by Hollow. He assasinated the 55th head priest of Vatican Group.

Seventh seal was broken by Phoenix Nova when he decided to rescue his parents from Dante's prison. It was plotted by War which turned Phoenix Nova into a indirect seal breaker.

Eighth till twelve seal was not mentioned but the seal breaker confirm was Me, the Anti. It is mention, when he was sitting in the pool of blood full. The Gigas Codex praise him to break the seals.

Charcoal had broke the thirteen seal by growing from a mere shadow being into a remarkable shadow being and causing trouble around the world.

The fourteen seal was broken by La Llorona. She killed Tommy's parents and other unknown pairs of 65 parents by creating a large energy of Grief from losing parents from children.


The fifteen seal had been broken by Mr Right. It is mention when Happy received an e-mail from him while preparing to break the sixteen seal.

The sixteen seal task was declared of War against other countries. Happy put on the mask of an unknown leader of a country. He gave out authority to attack the neighboring country. It was only later shown, that the real unknown leader had been murdered on the ground.


Seventeen was a celebration of Halloween on Non-Halloween days. Samhain was forced to influece the children to embrace the Halloween traditional days on Christmas Eve. He is later stopped by Nicholas, but the seal was long broken.

Zarlak broke the eighteen by summoning the Blood Rain of the native tribe. Again he broke the nineteen seal by committing a unknown taboo. He is shown drawing a demonic magic circle on the desert which later tinted the desert in black.

James break the 20th seal by slaying an unknown protector of an holy land. A Gigantic Green Armour is shown lying on the ground.

Nurarihyon broke the 21th seal by continuing leading the 100 ghost parade from night to morning while Janus tried to steal the moon light flower.

Apple of the World Tree was stolen by Carl. He accidentally broke the 22th seal.

The First Chimera created by Dread Doctor break the 23th seal.

Fa Hai break the 24th seal without knowing he break it, when he kill two reapers under a full moon.

25th seal has been mention broken by slenderman and he is going after 26th seal which located in Malaysia. It is never reveal whether the seal is broken or not.

Judging from 27th seal is broken by Pink Rus by performing Black Friday song and then all the listener commit joint suicide. It is assume that the 26th seal is broken as well. Belle Alric has broken a seal in Ye Ran High School accidentally while rescuing Yulena. It is later reveal that it is actually the 28th Seal .

In the conversation of between Mr Right and Happy, It is reveal that Famine is in charge of breaking the Seal 29th. The name of the seal is call killing of the death. However, it has not been excuted.

Sally break the 30th Seal by killing the Marilyn, guardian who in charge of Parenthood.

Shennong also break the seal number 31st while saving his wife. He know it will break the seal with the misuse of the blood of Addams but he proceed anyway.

Seal number 32nd reveal to be the interfere of Watcher which is still being protected by Watcher themselves.

It is reveal that 33rd Seal is broken when Children worhsip a statue of goat for 66 days. It is not reveal who break the seal but the worshiper is kill after the seal is break with their body frozen. It is highly suggesting Elizabeth white is behind this.

Seal Number 34rd is the latest seral baba yaga is working on. It is located in the city of love, Paris.

When Zalty being kidnap by Pitch causing children not awakerning from their sleep. It break the Seal 35th. Gigas Codex has reveal Max Black has broken a seal as well. but never reveal which and what the seal is about.

With half of the seal being broken, Lucinda begin to able to move some part of his body. He start to observe what happening around the world and interfere with Rea`s power which causing her hair to turn white from time to time. The Seal is still continue to be broken in rapid speed.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As the 1st elder of the Chaos Cycle and also one of the Primodial being, he is considered one of the most powerful beings. However due to his lockup, most of his powers are sealed and not revealed.

Remote Voice - He is shown talking to all the elders even though he is complete sealed from head to tail.

Possession - He is show to be able to possess children who embrace him. When he possess a child, he is shown to clean an entire city with his finger lift.


Chaos Cycle Edit

He is the 1st elder and the main focus of the chaos cycle.


  • Soon, salvation will arrive.

Creation ConceptEdit

Character Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


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