"Deeply listen, for the Song of the Ocean....."



Lyra Waterstring
Biographical Information
Full Name
Alias Lisa Warriam
Other Name(s)
Birthplace Pacific Ocean
Home Grove of the Sirens
Occupation(s) Advisor and Caretaker
Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Artificial Spirit
Eye Color
Hair Color
Powers and Abilities
Background Information
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Lyra was the right-hand maiden of Siliviria Frostguard, as well as her caretaker and advisor when she was still alive. Before she was created, she was merely an echo, a silence, a disonance within the everflowing currents of the ocean. She had no purpose, no life, only moving ever so gently in the ripple of all that is below the world. 

But then, she came, Siliviria Frostguard. With her dream and hope, she created the water spirit imbued with the eternal rhythem of children, their joy for making music and songs across the entire world. After her creation, she was deeply and warmly welcomed as one of the ambassadors to the sea.  

Many years of service and dedication to her mistress, a sudden shift in the tide overwhelmed her. The waves roared violently across the sea floor, the currents running static and heavily burdened by water pressure. And finally storms brewed everwhere around the ocean, as if something dear to it was lost for eternity. 

Siliviria came to Lyra's domain underneath the sea, broken, enraged, and filled with dread and despair. Lyra tried to calm Siliviria down but her heart was black as night, there was no mending for her soul or even her own heart. Siliviria's final request is Lyra to become a Harp. Lyra was scared and confused of her mistress' decision, but Siliviria explained that she wouldn't want to hurt her, and by the time it "has been done", she will be needed for things to come. 

Lyra obeyed her orders, she would slowly constructed herself to become a harp. When it was complete, Siliviria took out her beautiful and soothing voice, "The Song of the Ocean", and inserted it onto the harp. She would then give it to the Spirit of the Waters and thus she would depart. The harp hadn't seen any light for many centuries, until now. 

Powers and Abilities Edit

Expert Musician - Lyra is an expert at playing her gonzhong style harp, thus letting her power synchronize and resonate with her instrument.

Music Style: Healing - Lyra would gently pluck the strings of her harp, healing her wounded comrades and bringing their strength back.

Music Style: Strengthening - Lyra would pluck some of her strings to enhance the senses and reflexes of her allies along with their agility and speed.

Music Style: Wrath - Lyra would pluck her strings with extreme disonance, unleashing violent waves upon her foes. She can also imbue the power of the ocean's wrath to her allies to further their damage.

Oceanic Finale - Lyra would unleash a flood upon her foes, when near the sea she can unleash a tidal wave to wash all of her foes.

Song of the Seas - With harp in hand, she gently plays a soothing and warm tune that can be easily felt even through the soul of the person. A mountain, a storm, a volcano, a god. When the song has been played, no one can fight but to peacefully listen to the gentle warmth of the music of the harp.

Trivia Edit

Lyra has some rivalry with Malyver as they both percieve that they are true caretaker of Sylvia Goldenguard.

Lyra likes ice cream sundae.

Lyra can become corrupted by darkness if Sylvia became darkened as well due to the new link they binded.

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