Madame Megdalene
Biographical Information
Full Name Megdalene
Alias M.M
Other Name(s) Queen of the True Name
Age 60
Birthplace Venice
Occupation(s) Queen of five Race
Morality Neutral
Gender Female
Race Witch
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Relative(s) Morgiana Le Fay (Mother)
Minions Kobold

Dwarf Goblin Changeling Troll

Enemies Guardian Alliance
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Name Authority

Witch Craft

Weakness(es) Her True Name
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Madame Megdalene is a powerful witch. She is also the Queen of Five Mythical Races. She is also called the Queen of the Name. She lives in the forest near Venice of Italy. They sometimes call her Madame M or M.M.

Appearance Edit

Madame Megdalene appears to be a beautiful woman in her 30's. She wears a black robe and feather shoulder coat around her. She wears heavy make up and grooms her hair behind all the time. She sometimes wears the Masquerade Mask, she carries a queen outfit and cape behind her.

Background Edit

Madame Megdalene is a natural born witch. Her mother is none other than the famous witch queen, Morgana Le Fay. She was treated harshly by her mother in her young ages. She then escaped into the forest. At the age of 6, she stool the name of the goblin king, Kobold King, troll king, dwarf king and Changeling King. She became the queen of five races. All the five races are bound under her as she controles them by calling out to their true name.  

Story Edit

As she continue to grow up, she practiced her witchcraft. At the age of 10, she challenged the great Witch Queen, Morgana Le Fay and defeated her. Although her magic is no match for her mother, she hold a crucial key element in defeating her mother. She has her true name. After the death of witch queen, her reputation spread across the supernatural world.

Under her wise rule, Changeling exchanged babies who has not yet been baptized. Dwarf is mining the birthstone. Goblin went out to collect the true name of every children. Troll Elite Team such three: Spinner, Rumpelstiltskin, Fin from saint olaf legend, offer assistance exchange of first born. Kobold on the other hand is in charge of placing birthmarks on the just born children.

Madame Megdalene has name of almost every children in the world. She would sell this list to Nicholas to use it as christmas good children list. She sell list of demon name to Priest. She also asked her minion to capture the children from list of the bad childrens names. She maintains her neutral position among the supernatural world for a very long time already.

When Zarlak come for revenge for Morgiana's death, she easily defeated him with his true name. Death also came to her door. They would battle over the ownership of the deceased soul. Sometimes, Madame won as she hold the childrens true name. Until now, people in Venice wear masks to keep her from knowing their true name. It become today the Carnival of Venice.


Powers and Abilities Edit

As a witch, she is talented but not powerful as her mother, the Witch Queen. However, she can become an extreme troublesome opponent if she knows your true name.

Name Authority She appears to have learn some sort of ancient arcane magic that gives her control over anything if she knows the true name. She can control living beings such as humans, Goblins and even the deceased souls. She is also able to control inanimate objects if she knows the real name. Upon knowing one's true name, she can have a lot of control over the object. She can know all past information. She easily defeated Zarlak by calling out his true name. Zarlack magic was sucked dry from his body. However, by learning this art, the drawback that she will perish if her true name is call out. Megdalene is not her true name.

Witchcraft - As a full grown witch, she is seen performing witchcraft excellently. She bestows some blessings into the Birthstone.


True Name protection - She appears to be immortal and only when dead, her true name is called out.


Relationships Edit

Morgiana Le Fay Edit

Her abusive mother that they never got along.

Chaos Cycle Edit

Choas Cycle wishes to recruit her, but they are afraid of her power.

Guardian Alliance Edit

Lady Chang order the Alliance not to mess with her as one of the reasons being that she is an extreme power. Second being that although she kindaps children, she also helps children time to time. She has stayed in neutral position for a very long time.

Quotes Edit

  • What is your name?
  • Helo, you haven't been properly introduced.

Creation Concept Edit

Character Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.

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