The magic house is owned by Eric.
Eric's villa

About the houseEdit

This house is a big villa, where Eric lives and it's very comfortable. This house doesn't seem to be very magical, but if Eric wants, he can do things with it, like:

  • the house can disappear,
  • the hallways can turn into a illusion,
  • some doors (if someone opens them) it can appear that there is a monster or you can appear in another world or and even you can be transported to another room.

But as in the picture, you can see, that it is a gorgeous house with a outside pool. The color is bright sand brown. On the outside it has: two garages, two front doors, a balcony, two chimneys and 10 windows.


Inside the house it has:
  • 1 personal room
  • 5 guest rooms
  •  kitchen
  • living room
  • 2 bathrooms
  • dinning room
  • musical room
  • game room
  • cinema room
  • inside poolIn every room, there lies very expensive things, like:
  • a expensive furniture
  • a hanging light, made out of glass
  • and other expensive things


Eric has 5 different types of cars and one motorbike. He uses them every time, but some of them are meant to drive in different time of year.


In winter he uses two of his cars, that can only be driven, when it's snow. 


He uses one car just for the hot summer and the motorbike.


When it's raining he uses his fourth car, that is meant for rain.


He uses only one car, when he wants to go to different cities.

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