Biographical Information
Full Name Mahora
Alias Bomoh Queen
Other Name(s) Supernatural Queen of Malaysia
Age  ???
Birthplace Malaysia
Home Genting Hotel 626
Occupation(s) Penangganlan and Bomoh
Morality Evil Chaos
Gender Female
Race Penanggalan
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Affiliation(s) Chaos Cycle
Minions Hantu
Enemies Chaos cycle (Internal)

Guardian Alliance

Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Witch craft
Weakness(es) Mortal Body
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Mahora is a Ratu Bomoh who control supernatural world of Malaysia region. she is also the princess of gunung ledang and enemy of Mahsuri. Isolation faction of Chaos Cycle.


Mahora appear to be a woman in her hijab. Under her cover, she is rumor to be a extreme beauty who drive every man in her presence crazy. However she is said to be around 1000 years old.


Mahora is famous known as the princess of gunung ledang. Her beauty bring her many suitor but she reject all. She enjoy the feeling of getting admire and chase. there were once a King from Malacca ask for her hand in marriage. She promise to marry him with seven condition.

  1. Build a Golden road from Gunug Ledang to Malacca for her arrival
  2. Build a Silver road from Malacca to Gunung ledang for departure.
  3. Seven barrel of tear from virgin for her to bath in
  4. To plant 10000 banana tree in the country to honor her presence
  5. 7 tray filled with heart of germ
  6. 7 tray filled with heart of mosquito
  7. silver bowl of blood from the son og Sultan.

The sultan of Melaka fulfilled the first 6 request but declined the last request. The sultan cherish his son more than Mahora. This has anger Mahora which it the first time someone reject her. She stomp back into the mountain.


This is not the end of her story. She later marry a man and live in langkawi where she meet one of the orignal member of grand coven mahsuri. They were friend but Mahora is jealous of Mahsuri beauty. In the end, with the her of William abigail, she spread false rumor and cause Mahsrui to Stab at stake.

After then, she left langkawi due to witch hunt and went hiding into Genting Highland. At there she start practice her skill and sharpen her bomoh power. Time pass, she eventually become the most fearsome bomoh in malaysia. Her path as the Ratu Bomoh isnt easy. She wages war against all supernatural being in malaysia and kill whoever disobey her. She conjure Pontianak with the help of 10000 banana tree planted by the sultan. Pontianak is a kind of female plant spirit who reside in banana tree. they draw blood of youhg man.The pontianak army soon attack all the Hantu in Malaysia. Be it the hantu Air who reside in water, or Hantu Belian in the forest, or Hantu Tinggit live in the old tree. All kind of Hantu fall to the claim of Mahora.

There are two particular being put up some resistance against mahora. they are Orang Miyak and Pocong. Orang minyak. Black Oily man who abduct woman at night quickly fall to the hand of Mahora. Beside this, pocon a undead wrapped in white cloth is also defeated. Pocong refuse to bow down to Mahora then is burn alive. A part of the Hantu in Malaysia still side with Hantu Raya, the king of all Hantu. Mahora then start producing toyol, a powerful child spirit from dead human fetus. Even the Hantu Raya, the king of all hantu is no match of Mahora now. After the fall of Hantu Raya, Mahora attack the settlement of Orang bunian, The hidden people tribe that stay invisible in the mountain. There were no match for Mahora.

After the defeated of both Hantu raya and Ornag bunian tribe. Mahora open the hotel 626 in genting highland. A haunted hotel that only open from 6PM to 6AM in the morning. The hotel is full of tragedy, massarce and ghost. she use the hotel to produce more toyol. Banana tree is planted everywhere around the hotel. She reside in the hotel draining negative energy from the human.

At first, Ramano recruit her into the chaos cycle but then soon, Mahora react arrogantly and refuse to follow order from Chaos cycle, She kill off the messenger send from the chaos cycle. After draining many energy, she become a Penanggalan. A Perfection state of a black bomoh. She now think she is stronger than Chaos cycle.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a evil bomoh and transience to a whole different level of monster, she is consider powerful which even chaos cycle hesitate to wages war against her.

Black Magic -  As a bomoh, she appear to be a expert in using hex or all kind of dark spell. She can cause confusion to her enemy or make her enemy cough nail out from their mouth.

Penanggal State - She can dettached her head and her inner organ from her body and fly to attack people. In this state, she is invincible. She will only dead if her body is burn.


Guardian AllianceEdit

Guardian Alliance is very wary of her. With the deceased of rasha abdullah. Mahora consider fully control of malaysia. No many guardian dare to cross her path.  

Baba YagaEdit

Friend of many years.

Watcher Edit

Watcher is terrified of her. Watcher is part of the ghost who do not side with Mahora but do not pose as a threat to her rule as well.

Grand Coven. Edit

Grand coven after losing in power and main member, they care little about Mahora. Invitation is sent to her several times but all getting reject.


  • No one can resist me.
  • Call Me Ratu of Malaysia
  • Even Chaos need to bow before me .

Creation ConceptEdit

Character Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


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