Maiden and The Death
Biographical Information
Full Name Elvira and Death
Alias Maiden and the Death
Other Name(s)
Age Unknown (Death)

(Seen 15) 549 (Elvira)

Occupation(s) Grimm Reaper (Death)

Fallen Cherub (Elvira)

Morality Evil
Gender Female (Elvira)

Male (Death)

Race Horseman (Death)

Cherub (Elvira)

Eye Color White
Hair Color White (Elvira)
Relative(s) Death (Foster Father)

Horseman (Foster Uncle)

Affiliation(s) Four horseman
Allies Four Horseman
Enemies Guardians
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Death Touch (Death)

Archery (Elvira) Dancing (Elvira) Scythe Mastery (Death)

Equipment Black lipstick (Elvira)

Scythe (Death)

Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Maiden is a fallen Cupid and Death is The Grimm Reaper. They are Counter Guardians, followers of Pain. Death is one of the four horseman, Maiden is the Cherub who is in charge of puppy love. They always travel together. S danger Level Bounty Target by the Guardian Alliance.

Appearance Edit

Maiden appears a girl in her 15 years. Death is a tall man wearing a cloth and a mask on it's face. Death is very very old and Maiden always appears in a white dress and red shoes. She is always seem dancing and Death likes to hide in her shadow. Death rides a Pale Horse and carries a scythe. Maiden's name is Elvira and black lipsstick is her weapon of choice.

Background Edit

Elvira who accidentally wears the cursed red shoes and dance herself to death. Her spirit wander around and become a cupid in some point of the timeline. She eventually grow bored and ran away and meet Death. Death recognize her with the red shoes, maiden who dance endlessly to him. He then took her in and they stay that way even since.

Story Edit

Elvira has a bad temper and always throwing tantrum around. Death always gives her whatever she wants. Elvira always hate lovely couples and Death will take their life away or cause tragedy to befall. Sometimes Elvira herself do the killing herself.

Death`s role is to carry out his duty. When the time comes, he reaps people souls away. Even since, Elvira follows Death, Death began reaping children souls as Elvira wanted to.

Death is seen when the four brothers confront Pitch in his lair about his failure. They start to act and asking him to stay put.

Death is seen again holding a scythe and casting large scales of soul reapers in Sydney, Jack tried to stop him but is confronted by Elvira saying that, she hates children who get a new snicker at birthdays. Just because of one particular child, she wanted Death to destroy the whole city. Jack eventually buy her a present and she asked Death to stop.

She is seen again killing teenage couples and asking them to kill each other at New York City. Laila caught up with her but was greatly wounded by Death.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As holding the position of the Grimm Reaper, he is the most powerful among his brothers. Elvira on the other hand is weaker but with Death around her, she is invincible.


Bow Mastery - Elvira as a cupid did not possess a bow but a black lipstick. She will blow her kiss and it turn into a black arrow to pierce her target.


Death Touch - Death is shown to be able to decide people deaths at anytime at will. He sometimes seems holding the Book of Time.and book of karma However Elvira always closes his book and say, she want him.

Weapon Mastery - Death is shown to be a master of wielding his weapon. He is able to attack Laila and defense against her heart bomb at the same time.

Dancing Mastery - Elvira likes to dance and she can dance and kick her opponent at the same time. Her dance martial arts are what make her so fearsome.

Time Stop - Time stop is a unique ability possessed only by Death. Upon holding Elvira's hand, he shares this ability with her.

Relationships Edit

Guardian Alliance Edit

They have mark these two S class danger bounty.

Jack Edit

Elvira always wanted a brother and she grow fond of Jack when he bought her a present.

Cupid Edit

She hates all cupids even though she is considered one herself.

Death Edit

For an unknown reason, Death seems to please her however it is.

Quotes Edit

  • Darn you - Elvira
  • Knock Knock, who goes there? - Death
  • I am so happy now, so please die for me - Elvira
  • As you please, my dear - Death

Creation Concept Edit

Counter Guardian Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer, Otto. Please do give me comment.

Trivia Edit

The Picture come from [1]

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