"Know something that looms all, be the snow that gracefully flies in the sky " -Malyver

Malyver is roleplayed by Jedha

Ice dragon by mac tire-d7ngm0m
Malyver the Snow Weaver
Biographical Information
Full Name
Alias Mason Maliver (Human form)
Other Name(s)
Age 13 (Chronologically)

27 (Biologically)

Birthplace Mount Everest
Home Mount Everest
Occupation(s) Guardian of Sylvia Goldenguard
Gender Male
Race Ice Dragon
Eye Color Glowing Sky Blue
Hair Color White
Relative(s) Sylvia Goldenguard (Mistress/Creator)
Allies Sylvia Goldenguard
Enemies Those who attempts to attack his mistress
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Snow Creation

Snow Manipulation Transformation (From Dragon to Human)

Weakness(es) Fire powers
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Biography Edit

Malyver was born through the powers of Sylvia, The Ice Queen. He serves her as her guardian and protector of their home (Mount Everest). He can be pretty protective and aggressive towards others, especially when someone is talking to his mistress as he might suspect them as assassins or hostile enemies of the north.

He and Sylvia are the best of friends since his birth from the world, and continued to take care of her as a living guardian of her, almost acting like a father to his daughter. As her protector he guards the summit of Mount Everest where they live and the land below Mount Everest.

He was suspicious of others, especially to humans due to the incident which occured to Sylvia. But causes them no harm unless they cause harm first. Mainly these days he's only watching the source of Sylvia's power which lies deep at the center of Mount Everest and maintains patrol to human settlements in case something bad happens.

He happens to be the "Intelligent Slightly Overprotective" father type, though he has some rough aggressiveness toward others, in time he will get used to them and be more friendly than he previously was to other people.

Powers Edit

Snow Creation Edit

He can create snow through his scales and his breath, conjuring up a powerful blizzard or a gentle rain of falling snowflakes.

Snow Manipulation Edit

Malyver can create deadly projectile by using the gentle snow of winter, he weft and weaves large projectiles and blows them at his foes. He can also create huge fists from snow and a group of medium sized boulders in a cone, if someone is in the the boulders would turn into pillars of spikes to impale the enemy.

Transformation Edit

He can turn into a human then vice versa, he mainly do this to cover up tracks of his existence. And if the world is in despair, instead of an ice dragon, he would turn into a dragon made out of darkness.

Gateway Creation Edit

Due to being a part of Sylvia's own magic, he can create gateways as well that leads toward Mount Everest.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

Malyver likes drinking cold tea.

Malyver enjoys skydiving and flying in the sky.

Malyver's hobby is reading books.

Malyver enjoys cosplaying and watching anime.

Malyver cannot die as he can always be resurrected by Sylvia as he is a part of her.

Malyver's voice is similar to Sapphiron from World of Warcraft:The Frozen Throne.

If Sylvia were to control dark ice, his entire body will turn into pure darkness. Turning him into a dark dragon.

Credits Edit

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Ice dragon by mac tire-d7ngm0m

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