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Biographical Information
Full Name
Other Name(s) Maria, Queen of Evil
Age (Technically) 350 (physically) 17
Birthplace America
Occupation(s) Evil Spirit
Morality Evil
Gender Female
Race Spirit
Eye Color Bright Blue
Hair Color Jet Black
Relative(s) Mother, Father, Sister
Affiliation(s) All the Guardians
Allies All the Evil Guardians
Enemies The Good Guardians
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Dark Energy
Equipment Sword and Gun
Background Information
First Seen On this Wiki
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Maring is role-played By: Nikki Van Davis.

Yeah right I don't care. I'm DONE caring.

—Maring to Jade

Maring's HistoryEdit

Maring's former name was Maria. As a little girl, Maria as long as she could remember was rejected, treated wrong and had little or no friends she had always wanted one a true friend. So she made a choice to make people's life miserable as they had done to her's, she thought it would help but it didn't it only made things worse. Her mother and father had to send her up for adoption, but she never knew that it wasn't their choice to give her up. Maria never knew what love was. One day when she was a teenager about 17, she jumped off the top of building and sadly killed herself MIM wanted to giver her a new beginning and help to get things right but she didn't trust anyone and became an evil Spirit. 

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About MaringEdit


Maring's powers is a Dark Energy and can do some serious damage.


Advanced Telekinesis

Telekinetic powers

Long-distance Teleportation

Above-average physical condition

Experienced hand-to-hand combatant




Empathic Creation & Projection

Ability-granting Ability

Augmentation & Enhancement Ability Control


Maring's personality is different than most of the guardians. Many times after she became completely evil, Jade Windragon has tried to convert her back to being good, which Maring declined every time telling her to go away or "No I will never be good again!!". Maring trust no one and is always ready for a fight. She is very bold and can speak her mind. If she is offended or in a bad mood, she'll be mean, but always has a attitude. When She is mad her eyes will turn a red or glow Black. 


The Good Guardians: She does not like any of the good Guardians. 

Jade Windragon: Before she became evil, she and Jade were Good friends. However, after she became evil, their relationship crashed. 

The Evil Guardians: Is an ally with them all. 

  • Mystery (Maring's Cat)Go to Mystery
  • Hiroki and Maring.Go to HirokiXMaring
  • Jade and Maring (Former Friendship)

Hiroki: Maring has a crush on him and Constantly Calls him Cute or Cutie.


"I told you Jade, I don't need friends!"  - to Jade Windragon

Evil Grin* "Hello Pitch, any news for me today?" - To Pitch

"Zenith! .. Is that a Challenge!?" - to Zenith

" Hello Eris. .. how's the Chaos going?" - to Eris

" are a know that..>:)" - To Neva

grins* "Dark Sister... humm.. only on ONE exception..." - to Dark Sister

"Soo Thunderbrain...i see you don't have the stomach to do it..well then *evil laugh* I'll do it for you" - to Thunderhead

"Hiroki! aren't you cute!" *smirks* - To Hiroki


Maring has a Black cat Named Mystery (link)  

ZZ Black Cat


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