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Mary Overland
Mary Overland
Biographical Information
Full Name Mary Alice Amber Overland
Other Name(s) Mary

Jack Frost's Little Sister

Age 9
Birthplace Burgess
Home Burgess
Occupation(s) Little Sister of Jack Frost

Guardian of Purity

Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Relative(s) Jack Frost (brother)

Mother (mom)

Allies Jack Frost






Emily Jane (Mother Nature)



Enemies The Boogeyman (Pitch Black)
Powers and Abilities
Background Information
First Seen Rise of the Guardians


Last Seen
Voice Actor(s) Olivia Mattingly
Rise Of The Guardians-Scene- Jack Frost Memories-

Rise Of The Guardians-Scene- Jack Frost Memories-

Mary Alice Amber Overland is the Guardian of Purity and Jack Frost's little sister.


Mary has straight brown hair, reaching between her elbows and shoulders, bangs pushed to the right. Her eyes are a similar brown and she has a noticeable beauty mark under her right eye and pale skin. She wears a brown and red dress with white and brown diamond designs decorating the bottom. Unlike her brother, Jack Frost, she wears shoes (and in his memory, she wore ice skating shoes). She was also a true and spitting image of Jack Frost back when he was a human (considering that they were siblings).


Mary is sweet, nice and loving. She like's to play games and have fun (like hopscotch and skating). However, she can also be stubborn (like when she dragged Jack outside to go skating in his memories) and will stand up for what she believes in.



My brother. Jack is mischievous and ALWAYS tricks me and my friends! But he always makes me laugh and plays hopscotch with me everyday. He's the best brother ever!


My best friend. She helped me and introduced me to Emily. She's really protective and can sometimes be scary, but I still like her. I believe in Ember and trust her. I know she will protect me from The Boogeyman.


One of my friends, he's really nice and also protects me. He's like a big brother here.


The ancient of Peace and happiness, she always makes me feel happy.


Mother Nature aka Emily Jane. Ember introduced me to her and she brought me to the future to find Jack.


Val, my other best friend, she's the Guardian of Love and is super nice and protects me from The Boogeyman! She also gave me a necklace that's supposed to protect me! She kinda reminds me of Ember, but nicer and not as scary. I believe in her.

Phoenix NovaEdit

He's nice but can be scary like Ember sometimes...He's strong and can travel through time like Emily, I wonder what other powers he has...

The BoogeymanEdit

He's known as 'Pitch Black' here. He always tells me to give up and stop looking for Jack and gives me nightmares. I don't like him and he scares me.


  • "Jack...Jack..."
  • "Jack, get down from there!"
  • "Jack, I'm scared!"
  • "No, we're not!"
  • "Yes! You ALWAYS play tricks!"
  • "JACK!"




  • Mary in the Colonial Scene
  • Mary in the Colonial Scene
  • Mary in the Colonial Scene
  • Mary with her friends (Sarah and Edward) and her brother, Jack
  • Mary with her friends (Sarah and Edward) and her brother, Jack
  • Jack and Mary going ice skating
  • Mary laughing
  • Mary laughing
  • Mary looking at Jack
  • Mary smiling
  • "JACK!"
  • "Jack, I'm scared!"
  • Mary and Jack (made by Ember)


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