Max Black
Biographical Information
Full Name Max Black
Alias Monster in the Closet
Other Name(s)
Age 400 (physically 17)
Birthplace Burgess
Home Black Chamber
Occupation(s) Counter Guardian
Morality Evil
Gender Male
Race Avenging Spirit

True Demon (temporarily)

Eye Color Red blood
Hair Color Dark
Affiliation(s) Dark Five (formerly)

Monster (currently)

Minions Imaginary Monster
Enemies The Guardians
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Darkness Manipulation

Swordmanship Weather Control Emotion Sense

Weakness(es) Light Magic
Equipment Sword
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Max Black is one of the dark spirits like Pitch, he is also his son. Max is best known as the monster in the closet. He is one of the followers of pain. He sees Jack as his rival, one of the former dark five. He is the current leader and founder of the Counter Guardian group called Monsters.


Max's appearance is similar to Jack's. He looks young, has dark hair, always wears a black suit and he sometimes carries a large sword as his weapon. He has red blood eyes and pale skin. He always puts on a serious face.


Max is actually a normal school boy. He died due to a school bully. Upon continuous failure, Pitch decided to raise the fallen soul similar to MIM did to Jack. He found Max and taught him all his dark technique. He eventually became a avenge spirit.


As one of the Dark Five, he battles the Big Five often. He scares children by using their imaginary thought toward fear. The fear crawls out of the closet. He eventually gain the title of Monster in the Closet.

After Pitches downfall, he believed Pitch is too weak and decided to form his own team called Monsters. He lead the 7 Monsters against the Guardians. Max is cruel and extreme in his plan. The group began slaughtering and spread fear throughout the world. He was planning to bring back the second dark age. He delcare war during the meeting of the Guardian Alliance and crush the members of the Alliance one by one.

At some point of the timeline, he manages to kill Baby New Year and stop the year 2015 to move forward to 2016.

During Final Confrontation, he has transform from an avenging spirit into a true demon. However he was defeated by the Guardians with the help of Pitch.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a son of the Nightmare King, he is very powerful. He is a poor soul that received training from a dark master.

Swordmanship -  He is also prove to be a power swordman. His swords can slash through buildings and mountains.

Weather Manipulation - He can only able to perform an eclipse blocking the moonlight from MIM upon becoming a true demon.

Emotion Reading - Unlike Pitch, he don't sense fear but anxiety and worries. He uses this abillity to conjure monsters out of closets to scare children.

Darkness Manipulation - He is able to control darkness at will. He combines the power with his swordmanship brilliantly.  



He sees Jack as his rival and the main obstacles in his plan.


Max and his hounddog

Guardian AllianceEdit

All the members in the Guardians's Alliance are his enemy.


Max does not respect Jack as his father. He follows him only out of fear. He sees him just as another bully.


The 7 members of the Monsters seem to show high respect to Max.

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Upon turning into true demon. All the evil surround him

Gallery Edit


  • You should fear me more than you fear Pitch.
  • All of you are just trying to bully me.
  • Are you sure there is nothing behind you?
  • Yes, father.

Creation ConceptEdit

Counter Guardian Created by Jona.


The photo come from [1]

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