Biographical Information
Full Name Melody Eva
Alias Magical Girl Moon
Other Name(s)
Age 14
Birthplace Europe
Home Europe
Occupation(s) Magical Girl
Morality Good Neutral
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Affiliation(s) Sailor 9 (Former)

Guardian Alliance

Allies Lady Chang


Enemies Annigan
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Magic

Moon Magic

Weakness(es) Moon Crystal - Fear of turning into a demon beast
Equipment Moon Staff
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Melody is a magical girl who protect the world in secret. She live in 20th century Russia. She is leader of the Sailor Nine. Owner of the Moon Staff. Ally to guardian alliance.


Melody appear to be a blonde in her teen 14 and wearing a school uniform with carefree spirit. She always tie her hair into two pig tail. She is thin and fair in skin. She has blue eye and consider a beauty among beauty. When transform, her cloth magically change into a sailor suite with blue skirt and white top.


Melody is normal teen in her 14 who live a normal life just like everybody else. But she has a huge secret, by day a normal school girl, by night, she is a magical girl who protect the world. One day, Melody found a mystery box in her mansion. The box contain 9 crystal. One of the crystal resonate with Melody and grant her the power of magical girl. Soon, she give the other 8 magical stone to her friend. They form a magical girl squad call Sailor 9 with Melody as their leader.


Sailor 9



Every Night, the sailors would patron the night and protect the city. They were great in what they do. Fighting off monster, ghost, demon is all an easy task for them. Even 10th Elder Happy launch an full scale war with them but conclude in a draw. With this great achievement spread throughout the guardian,  Man in moon and Lady Chang grant Melody a gift. They craft a magical weapon and gift to their leader as gift of forging alliance.

All thing come to an end, one of the sailor, Saturn begin to corrupt by the Magical crystal. It turn her into a giant skull skeleton scorpion with knife as its leg.  The remaining eight member of the sailor no choice but to put down their fellow member. The beast is then seal back inside the crystal left Saturn lifeless body.

The girl later found a wizard happen to know what the magical crystal is. The wizard told once upon a time, there are 9 demon beast who terrorize the area. A great wizard seal the 9 beast into each crystal. Whoever possess the crystal made contract with demon beast. the more power they use, the more likely they will get corrupt by the beast. Soon after that, most of the member went mad. Slowly one by one, Melody has no choice to put down her friend who turn into demon beast.

With herself as the last standing member of the sailor 9, MIM and Lady Chang told her to gather the eight moon piece to suppress the demon beast within her crystal as her power draw from the moon. Melody now seek out the eight moon pieces in the world to seal the demon beast once and for all.

She soon found out that she is the last one to turn into a demon beast due to the moon staff MIM and Lady chang give her. This is the 1st moon piece. The 2nd moon piece she found in North Carolina, The whole village is put under a curse by Moon goddess, Selene. She turn the villagers into werewolves and went mad after bath under the blood moonlight. After saving the villager, she retrieve her 1st moon piece into her staff. The 3rd Piece is the heart of a giant black dog, Tiangou. Tiango has swallow one of the moonpiece and made it so powerful. It appearance will cause the moon eclipse to happen. The fourth moon piece ls hidden by a woman name Rona. She once displease the moon. The moon decide to seize her and drag her away. The truth is she hid one of the moon piece and anger the moon. She is currently held captive in a prison refusing to the whereabouts of the moon piece. Melody found the 5th moon piece. It lies with Thoth`s palace. The palace will only appear randomly on the 5 days within the years As thoth once gamble with the moon of its light. which cause the year to have 365 days. The 6th moon piece is with Diana`s Moon Chariot. Diana challenge is to win her in a moon race.The 7th pieces is bury within the grave of amazon hero call iae. the grave cannot be seen and found during day time but is protect by moonlight under the night sky. The eight piece is an eye of a young girl. She possess the eye of Tsukiyomi which all seeing eye under the night sky. At some point of the timeline, Melody found out that there is a god name annigan is collecting the 8 moon pieces as well. However Annigan has already collect the moon piece from Aztec moon god ,Coyolxauhqui. He has battle through the four hundred sister and brother and took his moon piece.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a magical girl, melody is very powerful and skill in magic circle despite her young age.

Magic -  She is appear to be able to cast various spell with the help of magic crystal and moon staff.  The Spell various from time stop, time acceleration, magic missile, magic barrier, teleportation, mind read and so on. 

Moon Piece 

Moon Staff - She is gift the staff by MIM and Lady Chang which is the 1st moon piece. The staff enhance her power under moonlight. She can turn the staff into a glaive also to shoot moon beam. 2nd Moon Piece - She appear able to create a dome like barrier to cast area effect who shine by the moon. 3rd Moon Piece - She able to absorb energy blast and suck into her staff. Her staff jewellery will turn into a Black hole for 5 second.


Guardian AllianceEdit

They are once ally but after sailor 9 break apart, they hardly in contact. But she still contact with lady chang.


  • This is all my fault
  • I don't want to turn into a demon beast
  • 5 Moon Piece to go. 

Creation ConceptEdit

Character Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment. The creation is based on combination of Madoka Anime, Sailor Moon and moon myth and 8 king beast of Toriko.


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