Meng Po
Biographical Information
Full Name Meng Po
Other Name(s) Goddess of Forgetfulness
Age 1038
Birthplace China
Home Soup Stall
Occupation(s) Guardian of Sympathy
Morality Neutral
Gender Female
Race Spirit
Eye Color White
Hair Color White
Affiliation(s) Ratatouille


Minions Black Officer

White Officer

Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Soup of Forgetfulness

Memory Touch

Weakness(es) Rejection
Equipment Soup Landle
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Meng Po is a goddess of Forgetfulness. She is the Guardian of Sympathy. She owns a Soup stall at the Hell Bridge. An old friend with Death. Ex-lover of Dante. Master of Ratatouille.


Meng Po is a young lady in her 30's. However she is 1024 in actual age. She always wears a purple chinese cloth. Her hair is white in color. She is always seem carrying a soup ladle and Soup Pot around. She is very kind to spirit.


Meng Po is actually an old woman who lives in ancient Qin Dynasty. She is old and suppose to die at the ages of 93. However, her son commit a Forbid Art out of love. Her son start perform a ritual and steal souls and pro long Meng Po life. She live that way until 290 years old until Death pay her a visit and take her away. Since then, she decided to start selling the soup of Forgiveness to spirit at hell to repel the mistake of his son. Ever since, the underworld call her the goddess of forgetfulness.


Meng Po come across many spirits and listen to their story. After listen to their story, she will offer their her soup to forget all their past life whether it good deed or bad sin. When reincarnate, they won't remember anything. The most painful guest is her own son. She give his son the same soup and send him away into another life.

Meng Po will only come to mortal world seeking for children when the people cross the bridge without drinking her soup. This lead to some children that are born remembering their past life. She will visit on the 10th birthday and offer them the same soup again. If the children still refuse to drink, they will face unbearable consequence.

Ratatouille is one of her guest during his life before. He is also a chef who dead of overcooking. Meng Po teached him how to cook and most of the unique cuisine. After that, she keep his chef knowledge and sent him into his new life. After that, this lead to Ratatouille becoming a Guardian.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


As the goddess in underworld, she is consider weak but very respectful among the dead.

Soup of Forgetfulness Upon drinking her soup, it will wash and clean away all memories.

Memory Touch She can trigger one memory by touching their forehead.

Memory Landle - She is shown using her landle to scoop memory out of peoples brain and turn it into a scenery.



He has no memory of Meng Po but his cooking skill are all taught by her.


Death knows Meng Po for a long time already. He even consider passing his seat to her but in the end think she is too soft as a Grimm Reaper.


Dante loved her very much but she erase Dante's memory out of Rea request.


  • I will listen to your story.
  • It is time for you to forget.

Creation ConceptEdit

Guardian Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


The photo come from [1]

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