Biographical Information
Full Name
Other Name(s) The Outside
Age Ancient
Birthplace Yuggoth
Morality Evil
Race Old Ones
Eye Color
Hair Color
Allies The Old Ones
Enemies Guardians
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Everthing
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

About him Edit

The Mi-go are an extraterrestrial species made from Herbert West. They are described as winged creatures with large claws and heads covered in antennae.

Background Edit

The Mi-go are a scientifically and technologically advanced race, having a particularly sophisticated grasp of surgical techniques and neuroscience.

The Mi-go are pinkish, fungoid, crustacean-like entities with a "convoluted ellipsoid" composed of pyramided, fleshy rings and covered in antennae where a head would normally be. They are about 5 feet (1.5 m) long, and their crustacean-like bodies bear numerous sets of paired appendages. They also possess a pair of membranous bat-like wings which are used to fly through the "ether" of outer space. The wings do not function well in water. Interestingly, they are capable of going into suspended animation until softened and reheated by the sun or some other source of heat.

The Mi-go can transport humans from Earth to West's hideout by removing the subject's brain and placing it into a "brain cylinder", which can be attached to external devices to allow it to see, hear, and speak.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Flight - They can fly very well even tho they are made out of a machine.

Strenght - They can carry a normal human being in long distances.

Speed - They can be quite fast.

Relationships Edit

Herbert West Edit

They go only by West's comand, as he is the one that made them.

Trivia Edit

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