Midden Non
Midden Non
Biographical Information
Full Name Otto Zeitnehmer
Other Name(s)
Birthplace Germany
Morality Good
Gender Male
Race Spirit
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Silver
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Time Hop
Weakness(es) Lack of fighting experience
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Midden Non is role-played by Orion's Dagger.

Midden is a spirit who wanders in and out of time, and thus never knows when it is, and may have possibly even met a character before he meets them originally.

History Edit

Midden was once a young man by the name of Otto Zeitnehmer, living as an apprentice cuckoo clock maker in Black Forest Germany.  One day after a long day's work, the shop was stormed by soldiers, on orders to arrest Otto's master on account of treason. 

Thinking quickly Otto was able to cover his master's escape through the back of the shop, and then told the soldiers that his master was not feeling well and had returned home early, leaving him in charge for the day.  Not believing him for a moment, the soldiers sneered, shot Otto, and ransacked the shop to search for Otto's master, who had long since escaped.

However, in the moments just before Otto would have died, his sleeping abilities awakened, saving him as they threw him through a ripple in time.

Appearance Edit

Midden wears a pale gray jacket over a white shirt.  His pants are dark grey and he wears black shoes.  On his head is a dark grey newsboy cap. 

His skin is quite fair, but he seems to be unable to be sunburned.  His eyes are a lost shade of grey, and his hair is a strangely luminescent silver. Since these colors are rather unnatural, he believes his constant shifting through time have replaced his original colors.

Personality Edit

Midden loves to talk, often running into long sentences if a subject catches his fancy, but he may occasionally switch from future to present to past tense. This tends to confuse others at first.

He also likes to explore and see landmarks, he's currently finding interest in geocaching.

Abilities Edit

Although he's learning to grasp some control, Midden falls in slips through time and around time, whether or not he wills it. He has gotten used to the feeling though, and is learning to use it to protect himself and others from attacks before, during, and after they happen.

Relationships Edit

Mary Evangelyne - Midden's girlfriend and love of his life.

Louis - On several occasions while slipping through time, Midden finds himself standing in a train car of the Universe Express. This is all fine and dandy, but Midden unfortunately has no ticket. Meaning he always ends up on Louis' bad side.


  • Midden Non is a character made by user Orion's Dagger, originally on the Rise of the Guardians Fanfiction Wiki going by the name Mid Noon.
  • Midden's original last name Zeitnehmer is German, meaning "timekeeper".
  • Midden's original home in Germany's Black Forest is due to the area's association with making finely crafted cuckoo clocks.
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