Biographical Information
Full Name Minerva Flamehand
Other Name(s) The Warrior Witch
Age 30 (Biologically)

Ancient (Chronologically)

Home Mount Etna
Occupation(s) Witch of the Trinity
Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Human (former)

Spirit (Current)

Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Relative(s) Nirvana-Zephrius (Sister)

Siliviria Frostguard (Sister)

Minions Farion
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Fire Manipulation

Hellfire Conjuration


Weakness(es) Ice and Water
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)


She's a woman full of pride and little patience, never backing down from any fights and always wanting to fight more. She's the muscle of the Sisters and also the softest heart if someone would be able to catch her off guard in a moonlit night within the depths of her home.

Many tend not to meet her, even fight her for that matter. She's is feared and respected by her loyal subjects and soldiers when she's still alive, none dare appose her rule during her prime in the age magic.

The Tale of the SistersEdit

Origins of the Trinity Edit

Powers Edit

Fire Manipulation - She can manipulate the flames and create flames of her own, she can also draw out heat and fire in the deepest depths of the earth which is speculated to be much hotter than the sun itself.

Thunder Manipulation - Able to harness the power of thunder, she would give a devastating catastrophe to all of her foes. She can also electromagnetic fields and electric fields so that her foes has no chance for escape.

Hellfire Conjuration - Able to summon fire from the depths of hell, she unleashes it upon her foes and with it she can also summon her familiar. Farion, the phoenix of eternal rebirth.

Determination Empowerment - Her powers will increase by the determination of everything and everyone around her, bravery can also increase her powers. Like her sisters, she gets more and more powerful by the amount of determination and bravery around the world.

Summoning:Farion - Through the depths of the Earth, Minerva can summon her familiar, Farion the Phoenix of Eternal Rebirth, onto his side in case she needs a little bit of help

Trivia Edit

She's inspired by Jecht in Final Fantasy X

Despite being a fighter, she never truly enjoys fighting that much. Except if she needs to let off some steam in her head.

Gallery Edit

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