Ministry of Dragon is a organization exist for the dragon community. The organization was once the strongest organization that existed on Earth. Throughout the century and evolution of human, the Ministry has weaken greatly.


Dragon is a superior race that walk the earth long ago. They are very strong and once ruled the Earth and govern the monsters, feared by human. The dragon race terrorize the other race on Earth. In 18th century, a great war finally broke up among dragons and humans. The battle end until the Universe Council interfere and decide to drop an asteroid on the dragon race. It result wiping off 80% of the dragon from Earth.

With the decrease in population of dragon race, the human seal the dragon lord away. After that, most of the dragons went into hiding and ministry of dragon was formed by the remaining dragons to free the dragon lord from centurys of prison.

List of MembersEdit

The ministry made out of Lord, Elder and Agent. There were toward of six dragon elders. This Six elders each representing their own region. The region divide into America, Oceania, Asia, Africa, European and Antarctica.

Lord Edit

Dragon Lord - ?????????

Currently sealed away by human race. The ministry is working to free him from its prison. Legend has it that the release of the dragon lord is the rise of dragon ages. Only a few elder of America's see him century before. They currently all communicate through voice with Dragon Orc.

Elder Edit

Elder of America - Quetzalcoatl

An middle ages man has tattoos and drawings all over his body. He wears a feathered cape and crown all the times. His real form is a giant serpent with colorful feather wings. His favourite is child offering.

Elder of Oceania - Julunggul

A sexy female elder who dressws lustfully in purple. She dye her hair in seven different colors. Her real form is a giant serpent with rainbow scales. She like to capture young boys and turn them into manhood.

Elder of Asia - Ao Guan

An elderly man that dresses in chinese traditional attire and wears a scholar hat. He has a long beard and mustache. His real form is a chinese ocean dragon with fin. His ocean pearl has been stolen by Gill. His palace has been invaded by Sun Goku before and he also steal his golden pillar, now acts as the amazing weapon for the Sage Goku.

Elder of Africa - Masingi

An elderly Africa lady who dresses in brown roots. She has an giant golden earring. She always carry an tree shape cane around her. Her true form is a herb dragon. It's entire body is grow full of herb. Mortals call her the healing serpent.

Elder of European - Drac

A youngest and handsome elder. He has long red hair. His eyes are blood red as well. Anyone who looks at him is unable to resist his charisma. The most ambitious one among the elder. He is also a rare sorceress dragon. His real form is a glass like dragon which grant him the power of invisibility. He once dug up a woman's eye who could see through his invisibility.

Elder of Antarctica - Tiz Heruk

An middle age man covered himself with snow coat. He rarely shows his face. He hides his face under the eskimo hood. His real form is a frost dragon. The less active member among the elder.

Notable Dragon Agent Edit

No 1 Dragon Name


Region Scandinavia Dragon
Appearance He usually wear brown coat and white collar shirt. He love to wear tie. His true form is a four legged brown dragon with Giant wing.
Power His breath can turn the target into bronze
Notable incident He is the first case in history that a human turn into a dragon due to the curse of Avrice ring. He join the ministry and guard the tomb full of treasure.
Status Slained by Siegfried
No 2 Dragon Name Tarasque
Region France Dragon
Appearance Tarasque in human form in not seen. He prefer to be in Dragon form. Tarasque is a turtle like dragon which has a iron ball as tail.
Power Tarasque has a tail like hammer and mostly use it to slam the ground like drum. It can generate quote to attack other
Notable incident Tarasque has plague the france for many year. He has kill many knight and hero challenging him. It existence almost drive the king and citizen to abandon the kingdom
Status Tamed and Slained by Saint Martha who happen to be a dragon tamer
No 3 Dragon Name Melusine
Region France Dragon
Appearance Melusine is a beauty of a kind. She dress in traditional france clothing. A pure white traditional cloth. In her dragon form, she was seen to be a white dragon with four wings
Power Melusine`s power didnt show much. She appear to be expert in dragon changing. She able to change part of her body into dragon as will. As a high grade white dragon, her power is recognize among the clan.
Notable incident Melusine is send to france to conquer France but she fall in love with the count of Anju. They have two children and she wanted to live happily ever after but one day, the husband notice she dont go for church much and force her to.

She is force into her dragon form when the priest start to pray. She escape with her two children.

Status Melusine is capture and excuted by the Ministry of dragon as she break the code of dragon.
No 4 Dragon Name Basilisk
Region France Dragon
Appearance Basilisk appear to be thin man in royalty attire. He is arrogant and temper.His true form is a giant dragon scale rooster with dragon helm and iron helm. It has undeveloped wing which unable to fly.
Power Basilisk appear to be very expert in using its claw. Its claw is sharp. Rumor has it that can slash through castle gate or wall easily. This is also the reason he be able to bring down castle after castle easily.
Notable incident Basilisk terrorize france by destroy the food source of the villager. Its footprint said to burn the very ground itself. Wherever it walkpass, the ground can no longer harvest any crops.
Status Basilisk is force back by the Fretard, the knight. Fretard unable to defeated Basilisk but cleverly push it into the well of the world. Every ten years, basilsik crawl out of the well but if it spot by human, it will fall back into the well for another ten years. Currently trap.
No 5 Dragon Name Norton
Region England Dragon
Appearance Norton appear to be a man in black hood. He wear a mask and seldom speak or he unable of speech nor bleed. Its dragon form is a ghoul dragon. A decayed dragon which bring plague to the world.
Power As a ghoul dragon, it has undead attribute. Its breath decompose life upon contact. It decaying dragon body will bring disease to the surrounding.
Notable incident Norton plague and terrorize england for a very long time. Many has slay the dragon but it rise back from the corpse again and again. It absorb the life form from the battlefield and rise from their corpse.
Status It was slay by a templar knight in thirteen century called Fulke fitzwarren. He slay the dragon with the blade bless by a high bishop. Later the body is exorcism by the same high bishop prevent its ressurrection.
No 6 Dragon Name Knucker
Region Polish Dragon
Appearance Knucker human form appearance is never mention. it is safe to assume that he able to transform to human form but simply not to. In dragon form, Knucker is a Six leg dragon with a huge mouth. Its size is only a wyvern range.
Power Knucker possess a long tongue. Its tongue can paralyze its prey. It always grab its prey with its tongue and gobble up their without chewing. The more knucker eat, the more it become gigatic.
Notable incident Knucker once terrorize the town in polish call Wavel. The king send the kingdom entire army together with the neighbouring allies troop. Total 70,000 soldier. They were all gobble down by Knucker.
Status It is slained by the hero Krak. He did not defeated Knucker in brute strength but trick. He first poison the entire river and he salt and pepper all the sheepskin. Upon seeing the sheep, Knucker gobble down the sheepskin. It become so thirsty. It drink the entire river. The poison paralyze the sense of knucker. In the end, it drink till its body burst into many pieces.
No 7 Dragon Name


Region Scandinavia Dragon
Appearance Jormugand appear to be a young man in red hood. He has a high crown hat on his head. Even in his human form, he has dragon horn on his head. In dragon form, it so long that it can surround the world in a circle.
Power Jormugand is said to be so strong that he is qualify as an elder. His saliva is deadly toxic even at the point of killing the god.
Notable incident Jormugand is destined to be the swore enemy of Thor. They meet three times. The first time Jormugand trick Thor into thinking its a cat. Second time, Thor fish Jormugand out of the sea but the fight didnt break out. The last meeting with thor is foretold but have not happen yet.
Status Prophecies Jormugand will be slained by Thor but in term, thor will be killed by its poison as well.
No 8 Dragon Name Lambton
Region England Dragon
Appearance Lambton appear to be a child in robe. His dragon form is a 3 feet dragon. He is a Wurm type dragon.
Power Lambton is a moonlight dragon. It gain and grow into giant wurm when bath in moonlight. Its length is enough to coil itself three time of a hill. Its power is curse.
Notable incident When it get humiliated and throw into the Well. It bath in moonlight and growth into a full dragon form. It plague many town in england. Untill the hero, Jamie decide to fight back. Upon dying, Lambton curse Jamie`s family for nine generation.
Status It was slay by a hero called Jamie. Jamie wear a thorn armour. When Lambton coil itself and strangle Jamie, the thorn armour piece through Lambton and kill it.
No 9 Dragon Name Cetus
Region Greek Dragon
Appearance Cetus appear to be a giant sea dragon with fin and whisker. His human form is a muscular man wear pant and naked body with fin.
Power Cetus appear to be a master of water manipulation. He can easily flood the entire kingdom.
Notable incident Cetus is hired to flood the kingdom. In the end, the kingdom send out andromeda to please the dragon. Andromeda is then chained to the rock and sacrifice to him
Status It was slay by a hero called Perseus. Cetus is turn to stone and decapited with a sickle. His dragon head is sent to back the ministry of dragon as a warning
No 10 Dragon Name Paiste
Region Ireland Dragon
Appearance Paiste is a dragon with his dark green scale.He has a ram horn with two tongue. His eye is purple in color. His saliva is also purplish liquid. He like to hold its tail in his mouth.
Power Paiste appear to be another hybrid venom and fire dragon. But he appear to use have double technique. He will breath poison gas to widen the area effect and ignite it with fire breath.
Notable incident He appear to be the last dragon in ireland. After saint patrick chase all dragon out of ireland. Paiste appear to be hidden in the pool of Owenreagh River undetect. After saint patrick pass away, he plague the ireland alone.
Status Paiste is imprison under the bottom of Lough Foyle River with three holy rod place by Saint Murrough until now. He is unable to surface onto the water. He constantly struggle from his imprisonment which reason on the river wave of Lough Foyle.

to be continue

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