Biographical Information
Full Name Monalisa
Alias The Bounty Huntress
Other Name(s) The Counter lady
Age 1600
Birthplace Italy
Home Universe office
Occupation(s) Bounty huntress
Morality Neautral
Gender Female
Race imagination entity
Eye Color Black
Hair Color coco
Allies universe office
Enemies Chaos cycle
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Gunner

Holy bullet mind read raw strength

Equipment Gatling Gun
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Monalisa is an entity born from belief of the world. She has multiple identities. Member of the Universe Office. People call her the Lady at the Counter.

Appearance Edit

Monalisa appears to be a woman in her mid 20's. She wears high fashion outfit and wears a cap as she appears, also black glasses and carries a hand bag with her. She has pair of her highlighted hair hang left side.

Background Edit

Monalisa, a famous painting well known to the world. Children visit the musuem day by day. Their belief has born a entity out from their imagination. One day, a fantasy figure emerge out from the painting. She has no memories of herself and is out there against the world. She is not Monalisa's ghost spirit, but a pure imagination entity.  

Story Edit

Some children believe Monalisa is the most fashion woman in the old world. A fashion Monalisa was born.

Some children believe Monalisa's smile indicate that she knows something we don't know. A smart and intelligent Monalisa was born.

Some children believe Monalisa is a man in disguise. Female version of Leonardo Da Vinci himself. A Monalisa with raw strength was born.

Some children believe Monalisa's painting is haunted. A imitation of Monalisa's spirit was born.

Some children believe Monalisa is the most beautiful woman ever painted. A exteme beautifull Monalisa was born.

Children believe she goes around through ages. A immortal Monalisa was born.

Rea witness upon a wonder entity being born into the world. She recruit her as a employee to help on her work. She is not just a counter lady, in fact her real job is bounty hunting. A specialist going after the target. After Mikael fail, Phoenix requested Rea to send himself to deal with Anti(me) situation. Phoenix claim that Rea's best has fail and Rea objects to his proposal. Later it is revealed that Monalisa is the ultimate card Rea save in her sleeve.

Powers and Abilities Edit


As an entity, born out of curiousity, she appears to be a woman full of surprise. She is not as strong as Slenderman, who also was born out of belief. On the other hand, she is extreme resourceful. There are thousands of version of mMonalisa's in the world.


Raw strength This is the reason of the belief, that she is a man in disguise. She has a raw strength.

Mind Read - This ability comes from the reason of the belief of eye in the picture. Whereever you go, the eye follows and always saw right through you. She uses this ability to question whoever which to enter Rea's office.

Immortality - Her life span is infinite as long as one person knows the art of Monalisa.

Gatling Gun- This is the reason of the belief that she is a cyborg, created in the ancient ways. This belief comes from, that Leonardo Da Vinci is the master of craft. She owns a hand bag that can transfrom into a gatling gun at will.

Spirit Resemblance - This is the reason of the belief of the haunted picture. She can prevent normal mortal to see her.

Holy Bullet - This is the reason of the belief that Monalisa`s true identity is a saint. She gains the ability to conjure holy bullets out from the gatling gun. She works as a bounty hunter.

Relationships Edit

Phoenix Nova Edit

They meet several times at the Universe Office.

Chaos Cycle Edit

One the target they wish to eliminate. She posses a great threat to them as she is a similar being compare to slenderman

Reality Edit

She is loyal to Rea and commits to her job.

Quotes Edit

  • Who am I supposed to be?
  • Do you have an appointment?
  • Piece of cake.

Creation Concept Edit

Character Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.

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