Mr Wolf and Mrs Fox
Biographical Information
Full Name Big Bad Wolf and Little Sly Fox
Other Name(s)
Age 2830
Home Wandering
Morality Evil
Gender Male (Mr Wolf)

Female (Mrs Fox)

Race Animals
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Fur
Affiliation(s) Pitch (Formerly)
Enemies Guardian Alliance
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Bad Breath (Bad)

Illusion Mist (Sly)

Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Mr Wolf and Mrs Fox are a legendary figure of Children Lore. Mr Wolf is the legendary big bad wolf. Mrs Fox is the legendary cunning foxtress. Their names are Bad and Sly. Former partners in crime with Pitch. They travel together spreading lies and kidnaping children. 


Bad is a wolf known how to talk and stand and wears gentleman suit. Sly is a fox also an expert in human language and wears an elegant gown. They always walk together and speak and support one another. They wear special masks that change their appearance into human.


Bad and Sly were told among many tales in Mortal World. Bad try to eat Red Riding Hood, Three little Pig sand Peter who cried, and the seven lambs. Sly divorced with ninetail. She ate gingerbread man and trick the cat, crow, stork into her trick.



At some point of the timeline, Bad meet Sly. They fall in love with each other and decided to commit crime in pair. They go around tricking children and kidnaping them. Jack and the Big Four have defeated them countless of times. They meet Happy and bought the mask from him. This allowed them to change into human appearance to survive in modern day. They work together with Pitch at some point and decided to part ways as their ideal of terrorizing children is different. They currently work alone.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As villains, they are the not very strongest compare to the Horseman or Seven Monsters. However they are still legendary figures and are still able to put up a fight especially teamed up:

  • Wolf Breath-  In tales, Bad possessed a powerful breath ability. He is able to blow away houses just by blowing from his mouth.
  • llusion Mist - In tales, Sly tricks all her animal friends by this. She also spreads her mist to seduce her suitor of marriage.
  • Combo Attack - This is their combo attack. She is able to disguise Wolf's breath into a fire breath or poison breath. Wolf is also known to blow her illusion mist to a whole town, covering the area.


Guardian AllianceEdit

They classifie them as Danger Level C as they are not very strong. Any member can defeated them easily.


They work together for some time until they part ways. They want to eat children but Pitch just wants them to fear him.
Mr and mrs fox by lime sodah-d341vww


  • Where are you heading to? - Mr Wolf
  • I have something that might interest you in? - Mrs Fox
  • It's crazy, It's exciting, It's once in life time, It's a lie -  Mr Wolf and Mrs Fox

Creation ConceptEdit

Counter Guardian Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


The photo come from Fox and wolf

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