Biographical Information
Full Name Nabulangi Sudevc
Alias Rain Queen
Other Name(s) The 7th
Age 18
Birthplace Africa
Home Africa
Occupation(s) Rain Queen
Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Mortal
Eye Color Dark
Hair Color Dark
Affiliation(s) Guardian Alliance
Minions Rain Sprite, Frog
Enemies Zarlak

Dragon Lord Famine

Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Rain mastery
Weakness(es) Mortal Weakness


Equipment Umbrella
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Nabulangi is the 7th generation of Rain Queen in Africa. She is a friend with Ratatouille. New Member of the Guardian Alliance. Mortal Guardian like Katherine.


Nabulangi is an african woman in her 18th years. She has curly dark hair and dark skin. She has shining black eyes and talk in african accent. She has temper and like to keep things to herself. She always has mood swings.


Rain Queen is a title pass down from generation to generation in the chief tribe. The Rain Queen is a job that brings rain and rivers to Africa. Her presence itself make bless with water. New Rain Queen will only be crowned when the previous queen has pass away. Once reach 18 years old, Nabulangi is crowned the new queen.


Back long ago, Africa was a land bless with green trees and prosper with water sources. One day everything change when the dragon lord decide to laid waste to the land. He burn down all the crops and trees. The fire made the land dry to the extend of no plant able to survive The dragon lord drink all the water from the river, it bring drought to the entire region. The chief of that time has no choice to conduct a ceremony. The sacred ceremony to crowned the first Rain Queen. Soon the 1st Rain Wueen, Nobantu was crowned. Africa was saved

Soon, Dragon lord send his agent, Bida to Africa again. Bida bring drought to Africa. The 1st Rain Queen battle the giant dry serpent. Her rain unable to penetrate the dragon skin. In the end, the africa people lose the first queen. During that time it rain blood in africa. She spread the blood rain for next Rain Queen to appear.

Bida then demand from the chief to offer ten maidens every year to him to avoid new rain queens to reincarnate.The offer last for 18 years until the second Rain Queen is crowned. The battle begin again when Bida found out the rain queen appeared again. This time, Bida was finally killedand with Rain Queen powers, it rain down gold drops for three days.

Soon after that 2nd Rain Queen pass, the citizens were blind by the gold and greed. They demand the 3rd Rain Queen to rain down gold rain as well. The 3rd Rain Queen was furious on them and use violent acid rain at the citizens of Yoruba. They soon start respecting her. She soon ascend to heaven and become the Rain Deity, Oya. After that, the 4th Rain Queen unable to bear the responsibility, abandoned her duties as rain queen and went into hiding. Soon she was murder by an unknown entity. The next rain queen also fall the same fate as the previous rain queen.

The title goes to he 6th Rain Queen, Ulutanla who was able to found out who the murderer of previous rain queen is. It turned out top be Zarlak. They battle out. In the end, she rain starfall down and make Zarlak retreat.

At some point of the timeline, Uluntanla made friends with Ratatouile but get killed in the end by Famine. After 18 years, a new rain queen was crowned, Nabulangi and went to search the world facing all the fantasy incident.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


3rd Rain Queen

As a 7th Rain Queen, she is considered weak and don't know how to control her powers. Assuming she has all the powers from the previous rain queens. She possesses the strength to bring down a dragon.

Rain and Storm Manipulation -  As a rain queen, she is able to control rain and water from rivers. Her mood swing can cause storm and lightning to generate.

Rain Mastery - Rain Mastery is the ultimate skill of rain queen. Each rain queen has master the rain technique in their own way except Nabulangi.

Blood rain - is the first rain queen technique use to pass the power down to the next rain queen. This cause the sky to rain blood every rain queen die.

Gold rain - is the second rain queen skill use to defeate Bida the drought dragon

Acid Rain - is the third rain queen use to punish the citizen that disobey her.

Frog rain - is the fourth rain queen technique which she use to scared the Egyptian army away

Candy rain - is the fifth rain queen use to make africa children happy.

Star rain - is the sixth rain queen use to defeat Zarlak .



Sixth Rain Queen

Guardian AllianceEdit

With Ratatouille recommendation, Nabulangi become the newest guardian of the Guardian Alliance.


Close friend with 6th Rain Queen. He mourns her death when the rain queen was dead.

Zarlak Edit

The continuous killer of several generation of rain queens. It is unknown why he was doing this


  • Don't force me.
  • Rain is my sorrow, Storm is my wrath , Hail is my cruelty.
  • I am the 7th Rain Queen. Dont underestimate me.

Creation ConceptEdit


First Rain Queen

Character Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


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2nd Rain Queen

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