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Biographical Information
Full Name
Other Name(s) Jack Overland Frost
Occupation(s) Guardian of Courage
Morality Good
Gender Male
Race Spirit
Eye Color Green
Hair Color White
Affiliation(s) The Guardians
Allies Guardians
Enemies Pitch
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Flight
Equipment Staff with a diamond dagger
Background Information
First Seen The Man in the Moon (book)
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Remember me in dreams.


Nightlight is role-played by nobody.

About himEdit

Nightlight is an enigmatic immortal boy that was once the Man in the Moon's bodyguard until he helped seal Pitch away for the first time. Since his and Pitch's reawakening, he's mostly enjoyed wandering the earth in addition to bringing his own abilities to the fight. He becomes Katherine's closest friend. Being a boy of pure light energy, Nightlight is very bright, easily shining through any darkness you throw at him. He is a young boy with a friendly face, white hair, and pale green eyes. His attire appears to be armor.


Nightlight is a little shy, but extremely friendly. He is very curious and playful, but is also very loyal to his friends.

The Guardians of ChildhoodEdit

Nightlight was Man in the Moon's bodyguard when he was a baby. Every night, he would sprinkle Dreamsand on the baby and watch over his dreams for Nightlight never sleeps. Before Man in the Moon's parents were going to face Pitch, they had Nightlight take an oath and protect their son within the Moon Clipper. During the battle, Man in the Moon was so scared, that he cried and Nightlight caught the tear and repeated and the tear hardened into a diamond dagger. After bidding good-bye to his ward and taking the dagger, he entered the battle. At this time, Tsar and Tsarina Lunar were captured and Pitch almost won until Nightlight went and stabbed Pitch in the heart with the diamond dagger and caused an explosion brighter than twenty suns. Pitch fell into a dark cave and Nightlight was trapped in his cold heart. He remained there until a moonbeam accidentally entered the dagger awakened him and unintentionally Pitch as well. When Nightlight was freed, he had no memory of who he was and tied his dagger on stick and created a staff. When he saw the sleeping in a nearby village, an old memory appeared and faded in his mind which left confused. However, he was free and traveled until he saved the children of Santoff Claussen from an fearling attack.


  • "Nightlight, bright light, sweet dreams I bestow. Sleep tight, all night. Forever I will glow."
  • "Remember me in dreams."
  • "We fear you none!"
  • "Only that he's gone to help Katherine. And that none of us should follow."
  • "Katherine's story! Her life! Her hurts! HER! That's what we save. Remember your knowing. Be stronger than the scared and the hurt, and dream a way to save our Katherine!"
  • "Be writing what just happened on your pages, Mr. Q. That today Nightlight, the boy Guardian, had the knowing of a Tall One."



  • Nightlight rarely talks, but he can convey conversation through gestures and drawings. This behavior is similar to Sandman's.
  • The tip of Nightlight's spear contains a moonbeam, the very same one that had accidentally trapped itself inside while also setting Nightlight free from his centuries of entrapment with Pitch.  
  •  Nightlight doesn't remember much about being Baby Lunanoff's protector, but can recall the long years trapped inside Pitch's cold heart after sending Pitch down to Earth.
  • The character of Jack Frost has a striking resemblance to Nightlight, one fact being they have similar personalities, both of them used a staff as weapon and they both have white hair. It is revealed that they are one and the same, [1] and [2].
  • In The Sandman and the War of Dreams, Nightlight gives Katherine a “Kiss of Goodnight” on the lips which awakens her from her spell as well as him become a real adolescent boy who will finally age like everyone else.
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