Biographical Information
Full Name Nirvana-Zephyrius
Other Name(s)
Age 25 (Biologically)

Ancient (Chronologically)

Home Grove of Yellowstone
Morality Good
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Relative(s) Minerva Flamehand (Sister)

Siliviria Frostguard (Sister)

Allies Wind and Earth creatures
Minions Serpentia
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Wind Manipulation

Earth Manipulation

Equipment Fans' Grace
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Biography Edit

Blessed with grace and beauty, she conducts peaceful and harmonous interaction across the world with the wind and earth by her side. Though many will think twice of meeting her, she drains the life of lustful and evil people. With a single kiss, she can conjure hurricanes with ease.

Many suitors came to her for marraige, though none were able to survive even for a single day. Mature yet playful, she is the eldest and most powerful of the Sisters of the Trinity. Being gifted with earth and wind, she commands any battlefield and brandish disastrous calamities upon the field of battle. Though she tends to be weak and fight with low difficulties just for fun.

The Tale of the Sisters Edit

Origins of the Trinity Edit

Powers Edit

Wind Manipulation - Able to harness and create the very winds of the world, she is able to control and change the winds. A single gentle swipe of a fan can be prove devastating as a powerful gust of wind.

Earth Manipulation - She can manipulate and control the very earth, one of the people who keeps the tectonic plates in check and the sea floor at peace. Powerful earthquakes and a storm of catastrophe will befall before her enemies.

Life Drain - She can drain the life of people out of their bodies by kissing them or using the winds to forcefully suck out their life energies and insert them onto Nirvana.

Peace Empowerment - Her powers increases when the world is at peace, harmoniously keeping the circle of life in balance. Liker her sisters, she grows more and more powerful by the peaceful serenity of the world.

Demon Transformation - Being half demon, she can turn and shed her mortal features into that of a beautiful demon. Her fans would change into dual warglaives comprimising of darkness and light. She still has her powers over earth and wind but instead of using them for projectiles, she casts her spells by gracefully dancing in the battlefiled, becoming more and more powerful with each step to the rhythem of the earth.

Summoning:Spirit - Nirvana can summon the spirits of monsters, demons, etc. Her mastery at summoning is high to the point that she is capable of summoning primordial titans and use them under her whim.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

Nirvana tends to kiss people, regardless of genders.

While the eldest, she seems to be a little bit of a role model for the other two sisters. Though it tends to work out very badly

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