North 1
Biographical Information
Full Name Nicholas St. North
Other Name(s) Santa Claus, Father Christmas
Birthplace Russia
Home North Pole
Occupation(s) Cossack, Bandit (formerly)

Guardian of Wonder, Toymaker

Morality Good
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown (formerly)


Affiliation(s) The Guardians
Allies Guardians
Minions Elves, Yetis, Djinni Robot
Enemies Pitch
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Magic


Equipment Swords

Snow globes

Background Information
First Seen Rise of the Guardians (movie)

The Man in the Moon (book)

Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Hah! That was just expression!


North/Santa Claus is role-played by nobody.

About himEdit

Rise of the Guardians - Meet North-0

Rise of the Guardians - Meet North-0

Nicholas St. North, better known as Santa Claus, is the Guardian of Wonder. North is an immense man; tall, buff, and a little rotund. He has bright blue eyes, thick black eyebrows, and a long white beard and mustache. He customarily wears a black fur hat, a long red coat with black fur trim, and a red plaid shirt. He has he words "naughty" and "nice" are tattooed on each forearm respectively and also carries two swords strapped to his waist when away from home.

Relationships and PersonalityEdit

He has a good relationship with the Guardians, he has some helpers: Elves and Yetis. He has his own ride too: The sleigh with the reindeers. His enemy is Pitch Black. He has his Globe of Belief in his house or so-called Workshop.

He has a wife, but she isn't mentioned in the movie. His wife is Missus Claus or South. He has no children of his own, except Jack Frost, that (what he sees) could be his son because he has the powers to make snow.

North is a warrior with a heart of gold. Fierce, demanding, and impulsive, everything about him is larger than life. For North, nothing is impossible as long as he believes in it.

Relationships Edit

Lupita Edit

  • Guardian of the Environment. Lupita has great respect for North and often asks for his help when she has questions concerning her Guardianship.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

North, better known by the world as Santa Claus, is the fabled and legendary bringer of toys and gifts on Christmas Eve, and is the Guardian of Wonder.

Master Swordsmanship Edit


North is a strong and powerful man. He is a master swordsman and he consider himself the best in the world. His skill in swordsmanship are so advanced that the Man in the Moon and Ombric trusted him with one of the legendary relics, Tsar Lunar XI's Sword.
Rise of the Guardians- What's your center

Rise of the Guardians- What's your center

Power of WonderEdit

North has an ability to find the wonder in everything around him which helps him in his creation of toys and inventions. It also boosts his faith in others and resolve, and helps him be jolly and a little childish but gives him a unique insight.

Master Craftsman, Magician, Toymaker, and InventorEdit

North was trained and tutored in magic by Ombric. His skills in magic has been so great that Ombric, himself, have said that North may have surpassed him already. He is able to combine magic with his inventions which ends with amazing results like the Djinni Robot. As the Overseer of Christmas, he also has his Naughty and Nice Lists imprinted on his arms, which he can handle at anytime, check to see what child goes on which list, and even remove a name from either (as was implied when Jack was brought to his workshop to become a Guardian).

North is also a master craftsman and toymaker, and can create amazing toys, some of them imbued with magical abilities, as well as invent magical tools and objects, like the Globe of Belief in his workshop, his famous reindeer-pulled sleigh, or his Snowglobes that become portals to anywhere in the world.


  • North's signature color is red.
  • William Joyce was inspired by Sean Connery's portrayal of James Bond for North's character, saying: "There's no way you can be Santa and not have extraordinary technology at your disposal," and "I always saw Sean Connery as Santa Claus. He's got to have a little of James Bond in him."

The Guardians of ChildhoodEdit

North is a tall, muscular young man with dark brown hair, possessing a mustache and a short, but pointed goatee. He often wears a black fur hat, black boots, a blue shirt, along red coat with black fur trim on his cuffs, and carries several swords strapped both to his waist and back. In the future, he will become more rotund and his hair will go white.

The Djinni Robot was imagined and created by North. It is able to perform any task or duty that is of the possible world.

Katherine was North's first friend, and they quickly became best friends.

Petrov is North's horse. He is the bravest of his outlaw comrades and also has the kindest heart.


  • Everyone to the sleigh!
  • It's not a contest. But if it was... (shows bag) I win! Yeehaaa!
  • Jack!
  • Ha! [sees the fight going on on the other roof] Wrong roof.
  • ( When Tooth is uncertain about collecting teeth in one night) You know how many toys I deliver in one night?
  • It's piece of pie.
  • North: Everyone, to the sleigh! Buckle up!
    Bunnymund: Where are the bloody seat belts?
    North: Ha! That was just expression!
  • North: I hope the Yetis treated you well.

Jack: (sarcastically) Yeah, I love being shoved in a sack and tossed through a magic portal!
North: Oh, good. That was my idea!

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