Opera House is the home of Anzan, Guardian of Silence and Trista Zilla.

Opera House exterior

Exterior of the Opera House.


The opera house was abandoned when Symphony first took Anzan to live there, away the torment of the people around him. After people reopened it for their performances, Anzan let his presence be known to the performers and managers as the owner of the house. Also, he has the managers pay him over twenty thousand dollars as their rent, if they don't pay him within a certain time frame, there was going to be consequences. On occasion, he would disrupt rehearsals with voice changing potions or silencing one the main singers, if they don't sound good to his ears. Some stagehands tried to catch him and expose his home, so he steals their voices and injures them in a way that looks like an accident. Trista worked as a cleaning lady and helped people backstage and later became a singer, but she also helped Anzan bring his potions and cause problems to the players.

Under the basement of the Opera House is a chamber that Anzan uses as both his home and artistic domain. Only he, Symphony, and Trista have ever been to this place and no one else.


  • Interior of the Opera House
  • Under the Opera House (Anzan's domain)
  • Bedroom
  • Bath tub one (bathing)
  • Bath tub two (cooking)

Anzan and Trista's place under the Opera House

  • Main room
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bathing room
  • Washing and Drying room

Other Residents

  • Managers (changes constantly)
  • Stagehands (constantly leaving and replaced)
  • Singers
  • Dancers
  • Ushers
  • Musicians
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