The Roman underworld, Orcus is ruled over by its owner of the same name, Orcus, god of the underworld and vanquisher of oathbreakers.


The area has been nearly devoid of beings since the fall of Rome, during which Pluto relinquished ownership of the realm back to Orcus, and returned to the Greek underworld as Hades. The other god, Dis Pater, long gone, held no claim, as he had already lost his free will to the Piper long before that moment. However, Hades chose to take all the dead with him, leaving Orcus with only the dreary landscape.

The Piper claims to have traveled here once in the past. The legitimacy of this is questionable, and what he might have done if this is true is unknown.


Currently, Orcus is a series of empty landscapes, with a single throne upon a stone dais in the deep wastelands where Orcus sits. Interestingly, a now-rotting tree, whose roots interweave throughout every layer, can be found near the surface layers. The tree marks a brief but fierce battle of Famine against Janus Chance and Carl Santiego.

Janus is one of the few who can reach this underworld easily, as its main entry has long closed up from disuse. Due to his ability to unlock and open any gate and door, Janus is able to enter Orcus from any location with enough ground to hold the gate. There are several other, hidden ways in, but none so quick as this.

Because it is a quiet place, many darker dealings have been conducted within Orcus, by those who know how to travel between it and the overworld. Recently, it seems that there is the the beginnings of some construction in the middle layers.

...Only time will tell what is to become of Orcus. Whatever the structure may become it will surely be enormous.

Orcus, Ruler over OrcusEdit

A grim and grey figure, Orcus rules over his land with powerful strength of will. Twice as tall as most men, he wears a robe of dead fire, and a cold crown of strix feathers rests upon his brow.

Cold and unforgiving, he is a harsh ruler, yet no longer rules anything of value. He has considered speaking with others, to discover a way of giving his land some sort of purpose once again, but only he knows the current state of affairs.

What could possibly happen in a forsaken land of the dead?

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