OrickXDaeva (Oreva) is a couple formed by Orick the Slayer and Daeva, the Black Widow Witch.

Daeva and Orick


When these two individuals met, both of them were their way towards a goal. Orick wanted to attack humanity and spirits, while Daeva was targeting young people for her potion so she could live longer and maintain her youth. Orick made a deal with Daeva: if she could help defeat the Celeste family and anyone connected to Symphony, Daeva can have the youth of Symphony's siblings and the young people in the Guardians' circle. Both of them live in the Dark Lair, with Daeva's daughter, Bellatrix, her niece, Lavernia, and her right-hand woman, Nazreen. Daeva has her right-hand woman, Nazreen work under Orick as a spy for her and a servant to him.

Over time, they developed a rather strange relationship. Soon, the two of them made plans to get married, though it caused Nazreen to end her working relationship with them.

After a meeting and fight with a human named Captain Johnathon Overland Strider, the two of them got married.


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