Biographical Information
Full Name Pestilence
Alias Horseman
Other Name(s)
Age Unknown
Birthplace Papua New Guinea
Home Asylum
Occupation(s) Horseman
Morality Evil
Gender Male
Race Immortal
Eye Color Black
Hair Color
Relative(s) Horseman
Affiliation(s) Four Horseman
Enemies Guardians
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Sickness Manipulation

Poison body Sleeping Gas Genetic Mutation

Weakness(es) Combat
Equipment Serum needle
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Pestilence is the embodiment of sickness. He is one of the Four Horseman's. He govern over sickness, disease, pain and genetic viruses. He is the person responsible of spreading the Black Death across Europe. He lives in an abandon Asylum in the underworld.


Pestilence appear to be a 18 year old child. However, he is much much older than he looks. He is always seem wearing a gas mask and a scientist robe. He sometimes is seen wearing a top hat. When he talks, heavy breathing sound could be hear along with his voice.


Pestilence is a mad genius scientist at his young age. He developed a deadly virus call Black Plague and spread across Europe. When he develop a new type of virus, he accidentally inhale it and got himself killed. After death, his sin of taking away billions of life condemn him to become one of the horseman.


Pestilence's role is responsible to develop new diseases and spread the virus and bring the world into sickness. He invent flu and fever that took away billions lives of children. He seldom lives in his laboratory.


His power grows day by day and more and more people were getting sick. Cancer is one of his best and proud inventions. Lady Chang Er keep on making elixir wishes to counter his sickness.

He battle Shennong and his wife in some point of the timeline. He poison dementer and force Shennong to turn his wife into a tree keeping her from dying.

He also spreads out a deadly disease called Small Pox to children. When Chuck the groundhog is performing his duty. His disease influence the children in loop ball forcing Chuck to end his duty.

He is the youngest member in the Four Horseman. During the meeting of the horsemans, he gave Elvira a new lipstick which can breath out deadly poison.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As youngest of the horsemans, he is consider weak but a dangerous and sly genius compare to others. As having a child body, he seldom fights.

Virus Manipulation -  He invented many kinds of diseases. Example: Flu, Fever, Small Pox, Malaria, Cancer, Ebola, Black Plague and so on.

Poison Body - He coats his entire body with poison making enemies unable to touch him. He tries to copy death power as he wishes to poison whoever he touch to die within 3 seconds. He can poison a T-rex just by touching them.


Genetic Mutation - As a mad scientist, he did not only develop viruses. He use his virus to test it on various creatures. The scale goes from insect to animal to mythical creatures. Chimera is one of his best creature.

Insect Manipulation - He is able to control all deadly insects such as Poison Moth, Centipede and others.

Sleeping Gas - His body odour is a sleeping gas. This is one of the reason he wears a gas mask. His body due to alter genetic mutation, it constantly release sleeping gas to poison everyone surrounding him.


Guardian AllianceEdit

They see him as a SS Level wanted list.


They always underestimate him as they deem him to be the weakest.


  • You will be a great specimen.
  • I put you out of your pain.
  • Are you sick?

Creation ConceptEdit

Counter Guardian Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


The photo come from [1] 

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