PhoenixXAlisa (Phlisa) is a couple of two characters Phoenix and Alisa.


Pheonix Nova

Alisa sitting


Alisa and Phoenix met in Atlantis. They fell in love, when they were talking for hours and hours. If there is some trouble, they will both think and talk about it. Phoenix saved Alisa many times as Alisa saved Phoenix a couple of times.

Phoenix's POVEdit

Phoenix was first in love with a different girl- Valentina Love, but because Zeus said he has to love Alisa, he decided to ask both of them. As Valentina said no, Alisa said yes and he decided to stay with Alisa and be friends with Val.

Alisa's POVEdit

Alisa thought that Timothy would love her, but he didn't mind of her, so she found Phoenix in a place, where they both fell in love.

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