"Fear not, for you will be forgiven, for the Lord forgives all."

- Platina Rosenwhite

Platina Rosenwhite
Platina Rosenwhite
Biographical Information
Full Name
Alias The Holy One


The High Priestess of Camelot

The Hidden Seventh

Other Name(s)
Age 37 (Chronologically)

Ancient (Biologically)

Birthplace Camelot
Home Camelot
Occupation(s) Guardian of Camelot

The Seventh General of Winter

Morality Good
Gender Female
Race White Witch
Eye Color
Hair Color White
Affiliation(s) The Seven Generals of Winter

The Frostguards

Knights of the Round Table

Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Holy Light

Divine Healing Angel Summoning Divine Cleansing

Equipment Dawnbringer
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Biography Edit

During the Magic Ages, there lived a woman with an unnatural ability to commune with the angels themselves. She was both respected and feared for the people believed she was the Hand of God, spreading his word across the land of Camelot and across its neighboring kingdoms with teachings that helps medidate and purify the soul of its sin.

Thus, she was crowned and bestowed upon the title of "High Priestess of Camelot", everyday she commune with the angels in heaven and send out God's holy will upon her people in Camelot. Though, no one knew that she was the daughter of a grand white witch which made her connection to heaven to be heavily deeper than other priestesses.

When she was young, she met a young man by the name of Curaser Elemenium. Things got rough at first, Curaser finding "logical" ways to attract Platina with acts of heroism and honor, all of that were all failed until Curaser himself asked Platina directly. They fell in love with each other and dreamed of being together as a family.

But, years passed by and she saw distress upon Curaser's mind. She sought to ease his pain but in the end was killed by him, before she would die, she draw her last breath and told her that no matter what crime you commit, no matter what sin you have caused, she will always love him. Forever and ever.

When she was killed, Curaser left her corpse upon a burning city of Camelot. Though the city maybe burned and ruined, vegetation quickly sprout from it, implying that upon death, there is always a new life to give.

Forgiving Memories Edit

Powers Edit

Holy Light - Platina has ascended in the arts of light magic, all of her spells seemingly close to heaven which in turn is Holy Light rather than any ordinary light spells.

Divine Healing - With the spells of a white witch and a strong devotion to the Universe One, Platina can heal even the most severed of injuries. Her healing is so strong that the darkness can't tolerate even a single touch of her divine healing.

Angel Summoning - Platina's will and devotion is so strong that she can commune and summon angels from the heavens themselves, though she cannot summon the 7 archangels (including Gamarosh/Uriel)

Divine Cleansing - With a prayer and a spell, Platina can cleanse powerful ailments, diseases, hex, and curses that were turned upon a victim or her allies.

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Trivia Edit

Platina is the Seventh General though no one knew that she was one nor a general of winter.

The feathers in Dawnbringer came from angels.

Her mother was a Grand White Witch though she died right after Platina was born.

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