Queen Mary
Biographical Information
Full Name Queen Mary
Other Name(s) Bloody Mary
Age 800 (physically 26)
Birthplace Dark Castle
Home Dark Castle
Occupation(s) Evil Queen
Morality Evil
Gender Female
Race Immortal
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Red
Affiliation(s) Dark Five
Allies Pitch
Enemies Toothiana

MIM Snow

Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Blood Magic

Mirror Magic

Weakness(es) Act of True Love
Equipment Apple
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Queen Mary is a Counter Guardian recruit by Pitch against Toothiana. She is one of the Dark Five. Mary is better known as the Evil Queen or aka Bloody Mary in the modern ages. She has been seal in the dark castle in the enchanted forest for thousands years.


Queen Mary appears to be a woman in her mid 30's. She always seems wearing a medieval robe and tiara. She likes putting on red and heavy make up. Her lipstick is made from blood. Upon reflect through mirror, she appears to be a blood red woman figure.


Queen Mary is indeed a legendary evil queen in a child lore. She spreads fear throughout the enchanted forest and catches children for dinner. At some point of the timeline, Snow the grand white witch defeated her and lock her in dark castle. However in return, Snow is put to eternal sleep. Ever since, she was in struggle to get out from the seal.


Upon locking in her own castle, she found her new way to theorize the children through mirrors. She shows fear through mirrors to whichever children look in the mirror at midnight. As time pass, the myth came to known as Bloody Mary. One day, she hoped she gain enough belief from children, she was able to escape through the mirror.

Jack recruit her at some point of the timeline to fight against Toothiana. She become the 3rd counter to join the Dark Five. However she is almost useless in the fight against the Guardians as she can't do much trapping in the mirror. She always show children the image of their teeth fall off and scared them. It make Toothiana goes out of business

During one of the fight between the Guardians and Counter Guardians, Jamie accidentally set her free from her century seal by biting her apple. She single handedly defeated Toothiana and Nanny Poppin in the fight. Leaving with no option, MIM came down from the moon and perform the spell Snow once cast on her. She is not seen after the Dark Five dismiss.

Powers and Abilities

As a Member of Dark Five, her power is last as she was trapped in the mirror. While released, she is stated to be on par with Pitch or even stronger.

Evil Queen in Bloody Mary Form.

Blood Magic-  She is shown to be able to perform blood magic and bond Jamie to do her biding and upon biting the apple. Jamie break the seal which the innocent bite was the key of her release.

Mirror Magic  - As Bloody Mary, she spreads her bloody image through mirrors to whoever summons her. She is shown to talk to Pitch with the mirror. She is also shown to be able to reflect Nanny Poppin`s magic.

Age Manipulation - She is shown to manipulate her ages at free will. She posses herself as an old lady on the first time meeting Jamie.



She is recruit to counter Toothiana which automaticaly they are enemies to each other.

Snow White

She hates Snow White toward an extend. In the end, they are the best out of each other.


She is secretly in love with Pitch, however he sees her as only a tool.


Max Black

She tried to act all motherly toward Max, but Max ignore her everytime she does that.


She trick Jamie and used him to break the seal.


She is suprised that MIM knows the spell Snow put on her. In fact, it was MIM that taught Snow how to seal her away.


  • SNOW WHITEE!!!!!!!!
  • Are you hungry??? Because I am.
  • Naughty children should be punished.
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, show me who is the naughtiest of them all.

Creation Concept

Guardian Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


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