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Rasha Abdullah
Biographical Information
Full Name Rasha Abdullah
Alias Kind Stranger
Other Name(s)
Age 2034
Birthplace Unknown
Home Genie Lamp
Occupation(s) Guardian of Kindness and Determination
Morality Good
Gender Male
Race Genie
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color White
Affiliation(s) Guardian Alliance
Enemies Pitch

Evil Wizard

Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Reality Bend

Flight Thunder Manipulation

Weakness(es) Fear
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Rasha is a genie who has served an evil master for 500 years. He is a Guardian of Determination and Kindness. He is the first Guardian who hold two centers at once. Member of the Guardian Alliance. He protects children during the fasting month at Islamic country. Good friend with Sandy and Shasa. He still lives in Genie Lamp.


His apperance is a ghostly black figure. He has glowing eyes and he speak in a high pitch tone. He has no legs and always flies around. He has an innocent characteristic, Rasha is also very timid. His appearance is slightly different when he is controlled by the wizard.


Rasha is a genie who has been enslave by an evil wizard. He has done a lot of evil deeds which he is not proud of. He was free when his evil master has been locked by Ombric. His next master was a young poor girl. She wished her dead parents would come to life which he couldn't do. Her second wish was to go back in time when her parents were still alive which he couldn't do as well. Her last wish was to be dead to be with her parents, which Rasha refused to do. The young girl used all three wishes to free him from the contract of genies. Upon the touch by her kindness, he started wandering around the Islamic country to protect children.


Rasha protects children during Ramadan time. During the Fasting month, Muslim cannot eat and drink for certain time. He stands by them and help them get through this harsh period. His reputation has brought him into the Guardian Alliance.

He train Jack during one of the Fasting month. He brought Jack around the Islamic country and shows him that a Guardian needs to protect children all at once. Pitch traps him into a bottle and all children almost starve and lost belief in the genie. Jack released him in time and traps Pitch in the bottle and throws him into the sea.

Rasha is shown again during the meeting of the Guardian Alliance. Max called him by his nickname, the Kind Stranger, and announced that he is one of the kill target. Rasha used his magic to protect his house when Max visit him and attack him with dark magic.


During control by the evil wizard

He is shown again when Slenderman flied across the Malaysia. He wished to follow him but is scared off by his aura.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a genie, he is very powerful and invincible. However his timid personality keeps him from utilize his full potential.

Reality Bend -  As a genie, he is able to grant wishes to children. After becoming a Guardian, he no longer granted wishes. He used his ability to help children made it through hunger. He is shown to be able to extend his arm to catch things.

Flight - He is shown always flying around all the time.

Combat Skill - Rasha do not likes fighting at all. He never shown to demonstrate use of any offense magic. However due to being an official Guardian, he believes he can hold on his own ground.

Thunder Manipulation - Judge Thunder is a magic he uses when he is enslaved by his evil master. He no longer use this ability as a Guardian. It is unclear whether it manifest out as a killing wish of his evil master or it his skill.



As all members of the Guardian Alliance, he dislikes him.

Sandy Edit

He saved Sandy from Max Black before. They became good friends after that. Sandy always came asking for advise on Sasha.


He owns Ombric a huge favor as he saved him from the evil wizard.


  • Are you my master?
  • What is your wish?
  • You cannot wish to kill, cannot bring back the dead, cannot undone the things that have been done, and cannot make people fall in love.

Creation ConceptEdit

Guardian Create by Jona. Original photo goes to its rightful owner. Please do comment.


The photo come from [1]

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