Biographical Information
Full Name Reality
Other Name(s)
Age 20 - psyshical appearence
Birthplace Universe
Occupation(s) The Scribber

The Secretariat The Personal Assistant

Morality Neutral
Gender Female
Race High Entity
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Red
Affiliation(s) Universe Office
Allies Universe One
Minions Universe Henchman
Enemies Rule breakers
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Reality Alter
Weakness(es) Universe One
Equipment Magnifying Glass

Seal of Authority Punishment Whip

Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Rea is the embodiment of reality. She is the secretariat and scribber of Universe Office. In the absence of Universe One, God, she is currently in charge. Her job is making sure all reality stand out and unrealistic expectation happen. She is always accompanied by her henchman.


Rea's apperance took shape after a woman in late twenty's. She wears orange sweater and a brown skirt. She wears glasses and has short red hair. She is always seen carrying a check list and a magnifying glass. She is bossy and doesn't give a crap attitude, for no reason.


Reality is her full name. She is a high entity who works at the Unverse Office from the beginning of time. Universe Office is in charge of managing the Earth and Order of the Universe. She is the personal assistant to God. One day, the Universe One left for traveling. She was put in charge of the Office until he return.


Rea is very systematic and always seem sitting in her office desk. Her job scope include making sure no magic is perform by most of the mortals, checking whether Reality System is in order, hiding and masking the supernatural phenomena into an unsolve mystery. She is also in charge of making sure children forget Guardians when they grow up. She is the reason why no adult remembers any Guardian when they grow up. She is also there not making sure when reality hits when people have unrealistic expectations.

She meet many Guardians in the timeline. Most of them dislike her. She doesn`t care at all but they understand that she is only doing her job. Jack meet her once when she visit him to ask him stop making snow on February as its time for spring to come. At Christmas Eve, she also went to every house to knock children out of the sense for unrealistic Christmas presents thought. She is also making sure children don't stay in dreams too long.

When people die, some people wish to bring back the dead. She will arrive to erase those ridiculous thoughts and make them move on.

She is seen coming down to Earth, time to time, to check if anyone tries to break reality. Reality system makes gravity exist, making sure 90% of the dreams are not achieve and oceans cannot be breath in, making sure Day and Night curtains work, making sure the Air Barrier shield the comet, keeping balance of the world.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As an assistant of Universe One and the current person in charge of Universe, she is very very powerful. Her power mostly come from the authority that Universe has given her.

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Borrow Authority She has a Golden Seal of Universe One. She use it to adjust and manage the Universe. She is able to alter any rule on Earth, but she never did unless special circumstances.

Punishment Whip - She owns a whip that punish every rule breaker. Due to her strictness, she execute every rule breaker. Such as monsters who come out at daytime, she will melt them straight away. She also throws lightning spear down to Earth when she saw mankind try to build tower to reach beyond.

Horoscope- She owns a horoscope that can look down upon Earth much similar to MIM one.

Teleportation - She is shown to teleport to random places whenever she needs.


Guardian Alliance Edit

She don't hate them. She sees them as an association benefit the Earth.

Evil Monsters Edit

She sees Pitch, Horseman, Samhain, Nurarihyon and other monsters as necessary. Balance is to be maintain.  


Universe One Edit

She always complain that her job is too much she can handle.

Quotes Edit

  • Reality strikes.
  • Are you kidding with me?
  • Make it short, I am busy.
  • Ridiculous.
  • I have a boss like everybody else.

Creation ConceptEdit

CharacterCreated by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


The photo come from [1]

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