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Everyone is a Guardian, you just have to believe in yourself.

Don't be afraid because we'll always be here. You may not see us, but we'll always be here for you, no matter what.

Here you can role play as your favorite Guardians, it can be a Guardian from the movie or a Guardian that you imagine. If you know what character you want to play or you don't know who you want to be, then look at the List of the Guardians page. But before you pick your character, you have to say it to the Admins.

To be a guardian, you have to have your own character's name, what powers he/she possess, what weapons he/she has, and what center he/she has. For more informations about what your character has to have, here are some examples: Valentina Love or Symphony Rose Celeste.

If you want to be a Guardian then look at List of the Guardians, but if someone already has that Guardian, you can tell Valentin girl, and I will place you as a second Guardian.

We have some Rules, so please do follow them.

Characters of the Month


Seer is the Guardian of Vigilance. She is role-played by Orion's Dagger. She is accompanied by translucent green butterflies. Read more...



Madame Megdalene is a powerful witch. She is also the Queen of Five Mythical Races. She is also called the Queen of the Name. She lives in the forest near Venice of Italy. They sometimes call her Madame M or M.M. She is roleplayed by Jona19992. Read more...



Jasper is Orick the Slayer's nephew. He is role played by Skyebreeze. Read more...


For more click here to see the blog

How competition works
  • If your character is added in Characters they will be added to the Polls for Voting. If not, they will not be seen in the polls.
  • When one character from the three categories/polls wins for one month, they "retire" and go to the Archived blog until their given category has voted for the last two. "Retired" characters come back when the said above occurs and voting proceeds.
  • The polls themselves are open for one week.
  • Ember (or other admin) will keep count of votes and write them with the archived characters.

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Rules for Polls

1. No cursing or bullying. If you do so you will be given a 12 hour notice to remove and/or apologize for it by the Overseer. If you do not, the Overseer (or any admin) will remove it and message you on your Wall about why they removed it. If you do it again, the Overseer (or any admin) will remove it with no explanation. If you continue to be rude you will be reported to an admin, there, you are will be judged by her.

2. You agree to vote on at least 2 or more categories/polls. This way, characters at least have a chance at winning.

3. You will report any rudeness or uncomfortable things you have to the Overseer.

4. You can only vote once per poll. No cheating!

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  • Announcer - User:Valentin girl will announce the winners, losers, ties, new character(s) for polls, changes in polls or rule changing.
  • Designer - User:Fangirl111 aka Ember (me) will add characters to the different polls as well as boxes, designs the polls and boxes and what order each character will go in. She will also add new role players to the section set aside for them, as well as add in the set of rules for voting/entering.
  • Feedback - User:Sibunafoeye answer questions the users have. You can ask on her wall or on the Threads and blogs.
  • Overseer - User:Skyebreeze oversees everything, answers questions to those who have questions about their job, knows how to create, change, close polls, add users and characters to their respective places, warns rowdy users about their comments, removes comments that go too far, tells the user why they removed it and post a list of the rules again on their wall.

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 Archive of Characters from Previous Months

Fran, example 3.png Mercy, head.png Zorath, head 4.png Strider, head.png Alucard, head 2.png Dark C, pic 7.png Valentina, head 3.png Salem, head 2.png Seventh, head 2.png Th-2.jpeg Zodia, head.png Addams, head.png Crystal, pic 10.png Vulpecula, head 2.png Sea Punks, head 2.png Laila, pic 9.png Suzy, pic 10.png Samhain, pic 3.png Timothy, pic 1.png Acelin, pic 1.png Masked man, pic 1.png Jack Alchemy, pic 2.png Melina, pic 1.png Phantom, pic 2.png Lady Chang 1.png Dokuseska 1.png Llednar 1.png Symphony 2.png Rea 1.png Inka and Jasper 1.png Phoenix Nova, test.png Sylvia, test.png Match-girl, test.png Belle, pic ex.png Malyver, pic test.png Baba Yaga, pic test .png



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Anyone want to pair with one of my characters?

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Step-by-step: Helping new comers understanding how to add certain things

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