Rules for this wiki are simple:

1. No spamming, cursing, swearing (instead use the word bleep), and don't be rude to other users.

2. Be nice to each other.

3. If you want a role, then go to me first and choose a Guardian from the List of the Guardians page.

4. No one should play any characters, but just if they are determined. If you are new here then you should go to Message Wall:Valentin girl.

5. You will have 3 warnings if you don't follow these rules. When you receive the 3rd warning you will be banned or blocked.

6. The admins have control to give the roles to new players, but they have to contact me.

7. There is no limit to how many characters you can have. You can have as many characters as you like.

8. If someone is blaming you or deleting anything from your post or some comments (from some user pages), you have to tell that to the Admins.

9. For more information (rules), please look here.

About characters that are in the Wiki

  • Characters can have the same center but not the same information (this goes for the Guardians - in the movie as for in the books - too) and you need to add the Template to your page + fill it with informations.
  • The character can (doesn't have to) have his own page for his home.
  • You can add pictures from a character (from anime, fan art, your own drawing) but it has to have links (in trivia) from where the photos were made or came from (ex: Source) in the end of your page - in Trivia - because of Copyright.
  • Users can add photos (new photos) to the Guardians - that were in the movie and the books - and only there (It can be from the internet, drawings, from dress up's games aka. azalea dolls) and please add this info in your pages' Trivia below.
  • You can make a character via movies, anime, cartoons, - but you need to make them different from those things that you watch (ex: Miraculous Ladybug - you can add her picture to this Wiki, but not her story or background, because you need to make your own thing; because of Copyright).

How can you start a character?

Create new page, short cut

Before anything please read the instructions on step by step, where it will help you understand how to make a page. 

Click the Add new page button (in the picture it is marked red), write your characters name and choose Blank Space. Then add the Userbox (you can copy and paste it), fill in the info for your character.

Here are some infos about how to make a character:

- Think of what kind of character will it be (male/female, human, animal, monster, being, spirit, diety...) 

- What is going to be his/her name?

- How old will she/he be?

- What is the morality? Is it going to be good (being alright good), evil (just plain evil) or neutral (not be either good or bad)?

- What appearance will he/she have? (skin color, hair and eye color, what kind of clothes, tall or small size, scar...)

- Will it have any Relatives (alive or dead), will it have allies, any minions that accompany the journey, enemies that he/she dislikes? 

- What kind of Occupation will it have (will it be a Guardian, non-Guardian, something else intirelly) ? 

- What kind of Powers, Weaknesess and Equiptments will your character have?

- Will your character be just a normal Guardian or will it be a Holiday Guardian or other that you can think of?

- Add a background for your character and perhaps even a story of how your character became what she/he is now.

To be an Admin


If you want to be an Admin, you have to:

1. Follow the rules

2. Expand pages

3. Add photos and videos

5. Ask me, the founder, if you want to do something good for your fellow friends.

6. Help others with their pages (editing, correcting the words, adding pictures - if they want to).

7. You have to be always active.

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