Biographical Information
Full Name Rus Pink
Alias Diva of Demon
Other Name(s) Guardian of Punk
Age 900
Birthplace Hell
Home Underground Studio
Occupation(s) Succumbus Queen
Morality Evil Good
Gender Girl
Race Succumbus
Eye Color Dark
Hair Color Dark and Purple
Minions Succumbus

Emo Teenager

Enemies Music Idiot
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Emo Voice

Metal Music

Weakness(es) Soft Music

Country Song

Equipment Guitar Axe
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Rus is a Succumbus Queen, loyalist of Lucinda. She live in Underground Studio. She is friend with Hideaki. Her follower call her the Guardian of Punk. Ruler of Black Friday.

Appearance Edit

Rus appears to be teenager in her 18 years, but dress up like 30 years old, however she is actual already 900 years old. She always dress in black and seen with Heavy Dark make up. She has long black hair. She likes to stay in her human form but her hair turn purple when her demon side is taking over.

Background Edit

Succumbus Race can be traced back to history. Painting and Record can be found about Demon Lady sitting by children's bed side try to sing them to their death. Rus who was handpicked by the First Fallen Angel got bored of the same rountine. She tried to do things differently and in the end made a name for herself.

Story Edit

She invented Punk and Rock Music. She brought Heavy Metal Music to the mortal world. Her Charisma gain her many young teenagers. Upon listening to her dark music, the teenager dress emo stile. She's been staying in the human world even since. She sings on every Black Friday. She owns a band call Shy Hard.

Her music touches not only the children soul but also her fellow demons. The Demon World is effected and crown her the Diva of Demon. She went back to the demon world time by time to open a concert.

At some point of the timeline, Hideaki try to exorcism her but they become friends and understand each other music.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a Succumbus Queen and fellow handpick by First Fallen, she is very powerful but all she cares is how her music effect people.

Heavy Metal She can play heavy metal music and boost teenager aggressiveness.

Emo Voice Whoever her voice will become extreme sad, rumor has it, she is the original singer for song called Black Friday.

Axe Wieding - First Fallen give her a present when she was handpicked among the best. She can turn her electric guitar into an Dual Axe. She is seem wielding it easily without any sweat.

Relationships Edit


Demon Form

Lucinda Edit

She is very loyal to Lucinda.

Quotes Edit

  • Music is all the same.
  • What made my music so different?
  • Rock to your death.

Creation Concept Edit

Character is created by Jona. All copyrights goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.

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