Biographical Information
Full Name Samhain the Great Pumpkin
Other Name(s)
Age 890
Home Cementry
Occupation(s) The Great Pumpkin
Morality Neutral Evil
Gender Male
Race Undead
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color
Affiliation(s) Horseman
Allies Catrina
Minions Ghost

Zombie Dark Creatures

Enemies Guardian Alliance
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Necromancy

Dark Magic Far Sight

Weakness(es) Light
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Samhain is the legendary figure and holiday character of Halloween Day. He is the great pumpkin. He is the Counter Guardian who rules the Halloween festival. He comes out to scare children on every Halloween night. Old friend with Catrina.


Samhain is a middle height scarecrow who has no head. He wears a pumpkin as a replacement for his lost head. He spoke in an old man's voice. He wears a long robe and there is always a crow on his shoulder. He likes to change his head to other vegetable and fruit not only pumpkin. Candy is his favorite food.


Samhain was a parent in the 13 century. He meet Death and try to outsmart him. Death punish him for what he did. After he get executed, his soul was denied into Heaven and Hell. He is force to wander in the world endlessly. His head was cut off and was looking for a replacement. On every Halloween Day, he went house to house and look for his head. The villagers put craved pumpkin at the doorway for him to leave. This lead to the Halloween traditional at the modern day. He stay close and bid to do the horsemans work, hoping one day his soul can be released.


After wandering the Earth for centuries, he meet many ghosts and they decide to follow him. He eventually became the leader of some zombies and ghosts. On Halloween night, he would lead ghosts and zombies trick or treat at every house. He is not a evil person. After centuries of Halloween, he started to play around with children.

He meet Catrina at 15th century. They became good friends as they have common things. They are both related to Death. They start sharing experience and Catrina decided to recommend him into the Guardian Alliance. Guardian Alliance once visit him and ask him to join. They later take back the offer as they found out he is unfit to become a Guardian as he had deep relationships with the Underworld business.

He was hired by War to send Undead soldiers to America during Independence Day. He was also hired by War again to attack the Moon Village but was stop by Phoenix on time.

He meet Pitch at some point of the timeline. Pitch wishes him to join, to defeat the Guardians but he turn down his offer as one of the member of the Dark Five. It's place is later replaced with Max Black.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As the holiday character of Halloween Day for centuries, he is very powerful and high authority on most of the undead.

Necromancy He is the master of necromancy. He is able to revive thousand or billion of thousands and send it to America during the Independence Day. Betsey had no idea who is the mysterious necromancer but she keep the situation under control on every Independence Day.

Dark Magic - He has learn dark magic throughout the centuries. He learned after his death in the Underworld.

Far Sight - He is able to spy through children from the pumpkin craving.

Soul Body - He has no real body. His soul is temporarily stuck in an scarecrow body. He can change his head with vegetables or fruits. When in a fight with a sword or spear it cannot harm him.

Crow Manipulation - When he arrives, all crows fly by and he will arrive. He also use crows to trick people who do not treat him.


Guardian Alliance Edit

They once wish him to join them but change their minds after they found out his business with the Underworld.

War Edit

Jack skellington in his pumpkin king form by bloatenator-d8n1al4

He is an old friend with the horseman. Death made a deal of not taking his soul. He is always working with War. His relationship with Famine and Pestilence is still a mystery. 

Catrina Edit

They are old friends and share experience with each other. Samhain has close feelings with her. This is the only reason she seldom interfere with the Guardian Alliance's business.

Quotes Edit

  • Here comes the Great Pumpkin.
  • Trick or Treat.
  • Have you seen my head?

Creation ConceptEdit

Counter Guardian Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


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