Biographical Information
Full Name Satami Ryuu Shinobu
Alias Shinobu Villagers
Other Name(s) Prince Shinobu
Age 19
Birthplace Shinobu Village (Japan)
Home Shinobu Castle
Occupation(s) Royal Heir
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Crimson
Hair Color Dark of Night
Relative(s) King Shinobu (Father) Queen Shinobu (Deceased Mother)
Affiliation(s) The Royal Shinobu Family
Allies Shinobu Villagers
Enemies Any Threat to the Shinobu Village
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Martial Arts/Regeneration
Equipment Samurai Sword and shield
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Prince Satami Ryuu Shinobu (the Intelligent Dragon of Endurance) is the only child of the Shinobu royal family the heir to the throne once King Shinobu passes. He is trained in the art of the Samurai. Despite his stubborn personality and adventurous passion he can endure a lot of pain whether it be Physical, Emotional, and Mental. He's a social person who loves journeys and training. His mother was murdered when he was but a small boy. He's a bit skittish but he'll be fine once you get to know him. His betrothed caught an illness and passed shortly before their arranged marriage was supposed to happen. Prince Satami is tough, brave, and strong. He believes that through hope and faith anything can be achieved. He's a master of stealth and is capable of impossible things. The Shinobu Village is said to be like a giant zen garden. The villagers believe that Prince Satami was touched by the gentle spirit of the land, the Village's Goddess of Purity and Love known as Parvati. The Prince will do anything in his power to protect the people of his village as it's his duty.

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