Biographical Information
Full Name Sebastian
Alias Demon Butler
Other Name(s)
Age Unknown
Birthplace Readman Household
Home Readman House
Occupation(s) Butler
Morality Neutral
Gender Male
Race Demon
Eye Color
Hair Color
Affiliation(s) Dokusensha
Allies Regulus

Caroline Nancy Lance George

Enemies Chaos Cycle

Heaven Realm Guardian Alliance

Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Curse Power

Dark Magic Multi Task Soul Eat

Weakness(es) George
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Sebastian is a demon butler who serves under Readman Family. Head of the Royal Guard Division in Dokusensha. His current master is George Readman. Guardian of Loyalty. He is a personal Guardian of George Readman, just like Nightlight to MIM.


Sebastian appears to be a tall man in his butler uniform. He always do everything perfectly. He never fails any of his given tasks. His head appears to be TV and emotions will show on his TV screen.


Long time ago, 1st president of Readman Family, Lucas Readman, summon a demon from the Underworld. A demon appeared before him and Readman form an eternal contract with him. They seal the contract with blood. The demon act as a personal butler for every head of the Readman Family. The demon is called Sebastian.


George Readman was born and grown older till his 9 years. He officially became the head of Dokusensha and Readman Family. The previous head pass the blood contract to George Readman and Sebastian devour previous master soul and serve under George. George is a spoil rich kid. He wants everything according to his way. He wants a lot of rare items. Sebastian would go all the way to get the thing he wants.

Sebastian killed of George's first love, as George experienced heart break when George first love rejected his master. Her appearance is later used as a program called Caroline and acts as the Head of Cyberhead in Dokusensha.

Sebastian was always seen standing besides George during the meeting. Whenever Lance and Nancy quarrel and got in a fight, Sebastian would stop them. Sebastian is the true person running the Dokusensha currently with George acting as a figure head.

Sebastian runed into Olivia at some point of the timeline and the battle comes to a draw as Olivia unabled to send Sebastian back due to the Eternal Blood contract.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sebastian is the strongest entity and ace among Dokusensha. As a demon that stays on Earth for centuries, he is very powerful. He is bound in a life contract with the Readman Family.

Negotiation Skill - Sebastian acts as George's public speaker. He is always the one negotiating with others.

Curse - He is a demon, he can curse and get rid of anyone standing in Readman's Family way.

Mutlitask - As a butler, he can do almost everything. He can even do inhuman things that surpass human abilities.

Soul Eating - He sucks souls out of peoples bodies. He grew stronger each time when he eats.

Fighting Capability - It is rumor to go toe to toe with Olivia in angel form. However, this is not proven.

True Form - Sebastian has only a human flesh that he possess. His true form is six foot high with a snake bottom and gigatic mouth as a stomach. He appears to have two tongues and a floating eye. A twisted figure as a demon.


George Readman Edit

He is very loyal to George. The only reason he is loyal, because of the contract that bond him.

Regulus Black Edit

He and Regulus have a mutual agreement. They are both bound by Dokusensha and serve under one master.


  • I serve my master.
  • Young master, what is your order?
  • As you wish.

Creation ConceptEdit

Character Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


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